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The Official Newsletter for Quantum Spirituality, The Science of Change!

Happy Autumn and Blessed solstice! As the season changes its cloak let us remember that although all seems to be "dying" this is a time for reflection, renewing our self inventory and believing that the seeds we sow now will bring fruition as true as the birth of spring follows the dark winter to come!

This is a time to use repose to feed the soul and to discover the secrets within that can transform us!

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Below the trailer screen, the articles begin! Sit back and get a drink to wash down the spiritual food you are about to receive....

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It has been a while since this newsletter has gone out. Life happened, computer issues happened and the geeks were not geeky enough to save my mailing list! In the meantime, my second book, HER GODMOTHER, has been published and I am now The Write Doctor. In addition, my crippling RSD condition in under control as a result of utilizing the metaphysical principles that are the basis of Quantum Spirituality, The Science of Change. If you are new, please peruse the back issues that are here and browse around.


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Preparing and Planting


Theresa Chaze

The sky was clear with a slight breeze blowing the scent of the awakening spring. I thought it was amazing that in the early part of May I could be standing in the main garden with my spade, turning the soil and clearing the early weeds. There is nothing like the feeling you get working the earth. But preparing the soil and planting the seeds are more than just farming, but a metaphor for much of life. How we preplan and nurture our goals directly affects how they will grow. It would have been very easy to walk across the street and borrow a mechanical tiller, which would have made the job easier and quicker, but I would have missed out on the magic of the energy exchange between the earth and myself. Last years calluses are long gone. It was just the spade and me. Digging in and turning each shovel full did more than loosened the soil; it added oxygen to the dirt and made it simpler to get the weeds and remove complete roots system so they could not grow back. Blessing them as I remove them, I toss them into the field I've tithed to the Goddess, giving them the opportunity to again set their roots. In addition, it also makes it easier for the seeds I will plant to grow stronger and faster. For me it is a time to slow down and to be part of something bigger than myself. As all those who went before me set their spade and bent to plant their seeds, so I find strength, courage and humility in the same activity. For them is was physical survival; for me it was more spiritual and emotional healing. How we garden reflects how we prepare for life. If done properly our goals will grow and flourish, however when we cheat on the process, we only cheat ourselves. If my only goal was to plant and harvest without caring about the result, then I would take the easy route and save myself the blisters. But for me gardening is a labor of love. The vegetables and flowers are side benefits to the connection it gives me to the earth. Simply put, I do it because I love it. Working with the earth feeds my soul as well as my body. When I get my hands dirty, I am able to clear my mind and put life into perspective. So many people live and work not because they find satisfaction in what they do, but for the material gains. They have chosen training and a profession not because they love the work but for the profits. They have taken the acceptable path only to find that it has not brought them satisfaction. They put off doing what gives them pleasure until the weekends or for when they retire. Instead of fighting for what fills their soul and gives them satisfaction, they take the quicker route only to find the promised rewards are not as fulfilling as they expected. The question is how do you see your dreams? Are they weeds or crop? Do you nurture them or try to kill them with things or drugs? As the tiller would have killed the existing weeds, the blades indiscriminately cutting and mangling only to leave the roots to grow back . So do the a person desires and dreams refuse to die. They can once again see them as a nuisance and pluck them from their lives or they can step out of society expectations to nurture that special part of themselves. That is not to say every person doesn't have the responsibility to care for their lives and the decisions they make. Everyone have the mundane bills to pay and food to buy; yet how much does a person really need? Is your dream worth the too big house, the fancy car, or all the toys ever invented? Or can you pass up the newest gadget to be able not work as much so you would have the time to cultivate your dream? Each person must decide for themselves what is important to them. Is having stuff more important than believing in a dream or do they have the courage to see a weed as a flower?

Theresa Chaze is a High Priestess, publisher (Valkyrie Publishing) and author of Dragon Domain and Awakening The Dragon.


Valkyrie Publishing

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Visualization by Rose Schwab PhD

You can significantly reduce stress with your imagination, which is a powerful tool. The practice of using visualization was used by Coue, Carl Jung, Stephanie Matthews and Carol Somonton to name a few who believed that visualization helped individuals as well as patients when combined with medical treatment aided in their recovery.

Visualizing is effective in treating many stress-related and physical illnesses or in the combination and with use of doctor prescribed medication and/or treatments. Visualization is the key to psychic development. It is also the key to many things within the body, such as healing, clearing blockages, restoring energy, aligning chakras and much more. Visions will come in pieces of puzzles, pictures and motion pictures.

Visualization is used by each and every one of us in everyday life and in our professional lives whether we are aware of it or not. It is used in our work, our relationships, driving, and many, many other activities we take for granted. It is important not to think of it as just as a psychic tool, but a tool for advancement in our personal lives and professional careers. Once we accept these abilities, exercise and use them it is no telling how far it can take us in life or in our success to manifest abundance in our life.

There are four kinds of visualization.

1. Receptive visualization. In this you relax, empty your mind, sketch a vague scene, ask a question and wait for a response.

2. Programmed visualization. Create an image, replete with sight, taste, sound and smell. Imagine a goal that you want to attain or a healing that you want to accelerate.

3. Guided visualization. Again visualize your scene in detail, but omit crucial elements. Then wait for your subconscious or your inner guide to supply the missing pieces in your puzzle.

4. Detailed visualization.

For Effective Visualization

1. Loosen your clothing, lie down in a quiet place and close your eyes softly.

2. Scan your body, seeking tension in specific muscles. Relax those muscles as much as you can.

3. Form mental sense impressions. Involve all your senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. For instance, imagine the sights of a green forest with the trees, blue sky, and white clouds, or imagine green grass, in open spaces, blue skies and white clouds. The using of colors in your visions has significance as well that are connected to your body. Then add the sounds, wind in the trees, water running such as creek water over stones or ocean waves hitting the shore, bird sounds, and so on.

Include the feelings of the ground under your shoes, grass under your bare feet, and the smell of roses, ocean or other scents that bring you good memories, Next try to draw in the taste of chewing a grass stem or the taste of fresh mountain spring water from a stream, or some other good memories tastes you have had in the out doors such as frying fish. You can also use past good memories of people you love and did things with, such as your mother and baking in the kitchen with her, camping trips with dad and fishing to name a few. The good memories of doing things with loved once can trigger and heighten your abilities even more.

4. Use affirmations such as I am loved, I am calm, I am successful, just the word love or peace. Remember to deep breathe, visualizing the rise and fall of your chest until you are ready to begin complete relaxation visions. Repeat short, positive affirmations.

Rose Ann Schwab PhD is a World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and Professional Business Consultant. She is founder and owner of Angelic Inspirations International Inc that has been established business since 1962. Rose has over 50 years experience and many fields of expertise. Visit Rose at her main website Angelic Inspirations at http://www.angelicinspirations.com of over 500 pages with business service pages and information with frequently asked questions or visit her podcast and radio programs at http://www.angelicinspirationsradio.com. Sessions are done by schedule appointments. You may call Rose at 763-535-7982 or 1-888-201-1103, Central Standard Time.

Barbara is a High Priestess that roses talk to! She is a master gardener and through the beauty of nature she is inspired to write soulful articles an poetry that stir the spirit.

Poetry Muses


Midnight Garden

by Barbara Cavallo

Scent of rose and lavender dance on ebony air,
Velvet clouds above the trees hear wind offering prayer,
In the deep folds of midnight where moonlight never strays,
Two lovers stand together, arms entwined and hearts ablaze.
Across the garden in starlight where water lilies sail,
In twos tiny winged ones fly above the blooms so pale,
With laughter and embraces they share a song and kiss,
Witching Hour in the Goddess' garden is time for Fairy bliss.
Sliding down a water fountain they squeal with sweet delight,
Playing among blue delphinium miniature wings flutter bright,
Under the giant daisies they sip honeyed tea and sigh,
Hide and seek in the pansies is romantic for a little girl and guy.
Silver white roses climb the wall behind the two magic Fae,
Who have silently watched their friends kiss, laugh and play,
Soon their beautiful nuptials will begin,
Until then no one must know where they've been.
At the half hour a shadow falls across the moon,
The tiny ones grow silent knowing the Goddess will arrive soon,
Out of deep midnight a cloak appears,
Then a face of great beauty and inestimable years.
The Ancient One beckons the lovers from their recess,
He in fine cobweb linen and she in a poppy petal dress,
Together they stand under Hecate's favorite rose,
Wind is silent, clouds stand still and the fountain ceases to flow.
A bouquet of forget-me-nots and sweet alyssum tied with a bow,
She holds in her trembling hands later to throw,
He thinks her the most beautiful Fairy he has ever seen,
Beautiful hair, lustrous eyes, a walking dream.
The Ancient One plucks a moonbeam from the night sky,
Fashions it into little wedding rings before their eyes,
Placing a ring on each hand they hear Her say,
"Now you are joined forever and a day."
Hecate opens Her cloak and prepares to take flight,
"I have a special treat for all of you this night,
I shall hold the time, make it stay,
Three more midnights you shall enjoy before day."
Barbara Cavallo Herban Goddess, 2008


Neo Age
by Mu Shemsu-T (Scroll down the page for her article)

Yeah, I was born
From the womb of my mother
At a time when 44 wasn't now
I don't mind that time moves
Beyond my catch,
Cuz the wise appreciate that clocks
Are illusions, just like cartoons,
Calendars and opinions
My soul was born ions before then,
My spirit is as young as spring
That comes every year
My thoughts are fresh and original
My heart is light and real
Climbing mountains,
Dancing 'til daylight
And wearing tight shit that
Shows every tuck and cranny
Don't scare me one bit
No red meat, sugars or white flour
Opening my body to renew itself
In a natural supply of herbs and massages
Yeah, I was born
From the womb of my mother
At a time when 44 wasn't now
Yet, I live every breath to be born again
In this moment,
In this word,
From his touch
In this love
From this tear,
In this now.


Time and Destiny
by Humorist Ron Berry

The pendulum swings. Another minute gone. Was anything great done? Did you do anything spectacular? Within a minute, an arrow is released. Within a minute, a great king ceases to be. But, within a minute, a new life is started. Within a minute, a prayer is said.

The second hand turns. Turn around you're a child. Turn around you've grown. Turn around and you're old. Turn inward and wonder where the time went. Turn away from your worries. Turn down that familiar path. Turn over a new leaf. Turn towards home, and peace.

The crystal vibrates. The seconds are silent. The doors open. No one hears. The molecules are in motion. In one minute there is a city of life. In the next minute death sears the land. In a minute, humanity is changed. Within a minute, a newborn takes its first breath.

This is time. How will you spend yours?

You are where you are supposed to be.

This is a most interesting statement that begs the question of why. But, after analyzing history, I can see that we tend to be where we are supposed to be at any given time. Let's explore this concept more and see where it leads us.

A friend and I took a trip as teenagers. That was not destiny. The trip itself is unimportant but from it came the part one of an ironic situation (we were kicked out of Cleveland), and was the beginning of a summer that led to my first encounter with destiny. We spent the summer living off pizza. On our hitchhiked trip home from a restaurant a story developed that I later wrote about. That was destiny in its early stages. Why? Many years later I wrote a story called Four Roses pizza and that entered my writing portfolio. Events happen that don't always seem important, but reflecting back later shows that a person's presence at a certain time, a certain place, can affect events.

Let's look at another example. I moved to Chicago with my first wife. She didn't want to stay so she returned to our hometown. I needed work and that put me in the warehouse of a retail store. Destiny put me there because my presence removed the harsh rule of a domineering manager. I didn't become a manager and he did not leave the store. But my presence kept him more in his office and away from the other employees. This was important because he intimidated the other workers. With him off the floor, the stress level decreased greatly. It was also in this store where I met my second wife.

Years later I had a job that I was not getting the promotion I thought I deserved. Destiny stepped in and I joined the military. Good timing since that is when the twins were born and the government paid for it.

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Hal's compassionate outlook and philosophy can be found in his books, Short Sleeves A Book For Friends and Short Sleeves Insights

My Mental Diet!

By Hal Manogue

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable,
Whatever is just, whatever is pure,
Whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable,
If there is anything worthy of praise
Think about these things.

Those words are from the writings of St. Paul also known as Saul of Tarsus. He was called the Apostle to the Gentiles and was one of the first missionaries to spread the word of a new religion now known as Christianity. I found this timely piece of wisdom in Roger Walsh's book Essential Spirituality. Paul's words remind me that my mind has the ability to mirror and to take on the qualities of whatever I focus on. If I listen to angry or hateful people or watch a scene of violence or injustice I begin to boil over in anger and judgment. I become what I think about and that has a dramatic effect on my sense of well being.

My mental diet is as important as what I put in my mouth. It affects my mental heath in the same way as a diet of fat, sugar and alcohol effects my physical form. In fact my mental diet is what triggers the abuse and neglect of my body and I express my self in anger, in fear and in aggressive behavior. What I believe I will experience; what I experience I express; what I express I become.

In the midst of all the contrast I am experiencing in my economic world, it's easy to become attached to the lies and untruths and retaliate for the injustice that a few have brought to the many. I want them to pay for my losses and get the satisfaction of them repenting behind the walls of justice. Perhaps they should, but in the process of fighting against them I not only attract more of the same behavior, but create a life that is filled with vindictiveness and self destruction. My thoughts create a hell not only for the few, but for me as well. What I focus on, I attract and experience. If I want to change what I experience, I need to change my own thoughts about how things manifest in physical reality.

Ram Dass the Harvard professor turned spiritual guru tells me:

We are all prisoners of our own minds. This realization is the first step on the journey to freedom.

In order to be free from the anguish and hate I must forgive. Forgive myself for creating the situations and forgive others for playing a role in the physical manifestation of the pain. My mind is my greatest tool when it is connected to my inner consciousness and is not blocked by angry messages from my ego. After all, the whole process that I experience is for my growth and expansion as consciousness. From the lessons learned I become more aware of the power I have within me.

As the Buddha tells me:

More than those who hate you,
More than all your enemies,
An untrained mind does greater harm.
More than your mother,
More than your father,
More than all your family
A well trained mind does greater good.

All of the contrast I experience is for my benefit. I change from it and grow in awareness. I can grow in any way I choose. If I want to continue creating a life filled with distortions and pain I can do that. If I want to transform my self all I need to do is look within. Ask for help from my inner consciousness and train my mind to listen to what it tells me. By practicing and developing ethics, concentration and wisdom I begin to change my thoughts.

Mohammad said:

The most excellent of all virtues is helping others.

In order to practice that virtue I must help my self first.

By reducing my cravings and following my bliss I begin the process. By cultivating emotional wisdom and learning to love my self I can feel good and do good. When I feel good my mind is calm and I see the spiritual aspect of life and respect all things. By respecting life my spiritual intelligence springs into action and I share my love generously and I joyfully give service to my fellow journeymen even when they have not begun to practice yet.

If everyone had the same physical thoughts there would be no growth, no expansion. The untrained closed mind is the method I use to learn. I learn at my own speed and I experience physical life through my thoughts about it. Transforming my self is a gradual process that will happen when I choose to believe that I am more than human. I am consciousness connected to a stream of loving consciousness that expresses itself physically to expand and become aware of the power of unity, peace, joy and abundance. At that moment of discovery I help others, by helping my self and by calming my monkey mind.

About Hal: Howard (Hal) Thomas Manogue was born in Philadelphia, and is a forerunner to the Indigo children, a now age term for misfit with an intuitive nature, a desire to know his truth with a gift of giving and sharing. Hal retired from the shoe industry after 35 years of sole searching, and discovered his real soul. He enjoys art, music, philosophy, psychology, nature and people. "I am a spirit having a human experience. I create my reality through my thoughts and beliefs. I am a cluster of consciousness connected to a stream of love. I take responsibility for the choices I make and the dreams I dream. I am energy filled with the source of all energy and I live simultaneous lives. I am here to experience emotions and to feel the wealth of value fulfillment. I express myself multidimensional and appreciate the opportunity to be human."


If you click on Rita (Mushemet) she will take you to Goddess Facets...

I am very pleased to introduce Rita who will be providing us with an eight part introduction the the Goddess Facets!

Like so many of us, Rita was born into hardship and is testimony to the power of spirit and how it guides us toward change! Rita is an amazing woman who decided to GIVE as a result of her painful life experience to the betterment of all who know her!

"I grew up on the south side of Chicago and for most of my childhood I felt I was pretty messed up. My mother was institutionalized when I was 5 years old and until this day I have no clue who my father is. At the age of 8 I began reading and studying how the brain works so I could heal my mother. All of the work I did over these many years have actually helped to heal me.

When I look back in time through all of the hardship, pain and trauma, I can see blessing, after blessing, after blessing. Then I fell through the bleachers at a football game during my senior year of high school, ending up with a broken my leg and having no idea this was my initiation into the higher realms of creativity.

I was in traction for 3 months doing all that I could to will myself to die (and I was doing a good job at it too). One of the teachers from my high school came by and bought me a book called, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Dr. Joseph Murphy. His dare was what had me really intrigued. He told me, "This book may be a bit too heavy for you. But, if you read it, it might help." I read it and was able to leave the hospital (full body cast), in 4 days.

Now I read that book at least once a year and give it away to others every chance I get. My life has been transformed to such a degree that my children, (two of which who are grown with children themselves), have no idea the level of poverty and devastation I came from.

Here are seven facets to begin to consider for the Goddess (this means you!) needs to cultivate within herself to enable her to move beyond a mundane, mediocre existence in life. Not everyone will choose this path because it requires a great deal of self-knowledge, discipline and freedom. Many people determine that freedom is being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it; this is only part of the equation. The other part is having the choice to do something but choosing not to because it doesn't benefit the whole.

For example, when I was younger I would love to eat the Peanut Buster Parfaits they make at Diary Queen. I walked to get one almost every day during the warm summer months when our family lived in Le Mars, Iowa. It didn't bother me one bit that I was adding a few extra pounds because this is what I wanted. You know how we all get when we finally have a chance to make our own decisions about something and we go completely to the extreme before we get to balance. It wasn't until I questioned whether or not I wanted to influence unhealthy eating habits with my children that I began to see from a different perspective. Although I had the freedom to eat as many Peanut Buster Parfaits as I wanted to, I did not choose to because it was not setting a good example for the little souls whose life I was assisting in molding.

Self-knowledge, discipline and freedom are the tools you will gain access to as you develop your Goddess facets. Now, let me list them for you so that you can begin to integrate the understanding of them into your creative processes.

The Seven Goddess Facets

Many of these facets are probably already being mirrored for you in your life. As you examine this list make note of where you are on your own path. We will look at each of these elements very closely so that we can clearly see ways to incorporate them into our own lifestyle. For right now just notice where you may already be developing these facets within yourself.

1. Wisdom
Delaying Gratification

2. Intuition

3. Learn
4. Create


5. Heal

6. Joy

7. Teach

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