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Allie's family is breaking up! Her father is an alcoholic whom her mother decides to leave. While her mother plans a new life and relocation for them both, Allie stays with her godmother, Brigid, who lives in rural upstate New York. Brigid is warm and interesting and....

During this visit Brigid teaches Allie about wildlife and respect for all living things and Allie begins to heal from the pain of her parents' separation and her father's disease. Part of this healing is not feeling responsible for not being able to help her father to stop drinking.

Allie discovers the wonder of the wildlife on the property. Adding to the fun mix of delightful events is Jasper, the squirrel that taps on Brigid's window for peanuts and Sally, the huge, fat bellied cat who is really a helpful and magical spirit (or familiar) that chose Brigid many years ago. There is also Jupiter the non-magical and mischievous huge mutt, the family of skunks that live under the house and Elizabeth-Patrice and Bob who are the bats that live under Brigid's roof.

Allie loves staying with her godmother who has opened her heart and her home. What Allie is about to discover is that Brigid is rather "colorful" or should we say...

Allie is having a wonderful time until one night when awakened by a thunderstorm, she peeks out of her window to see her godmother dancing on the lawn in the rain. Allie begins to wonder who this person is that her mother left her to stay with.

HER GODMOTHER is a book for everyone. Read it and remember when you were a child and saw the world in shades of MAJICK!

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