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Cate Cavanagh, Author and Metaphysician and Occult Consultant for the Media and Individuals



Sometimes before we can heal we must learn to smile again.

Allie is experiencing a family breakup. Her father is an alcoholic and her mother decides to leave him. Allie stays with her godmother Brigid, who lives in rural upstate New York, while her mother plans a new life and relocation for them both. Allie is having a wonderful time until one night, when awakened by a thunderstorm, she peeks out of her window to see her godmother dancing on the lawn in the rain. What Allie is about to discover is that Brigid is rather "colorful" or should we say...

Trust that there is magic around us everyday and we can begin to heal...


I am a psychic, eclectic Witch, published author (GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT and HER GODMOTHER) as well as a syndicated columnist in the political, spiritual and metaphysical genres. In addition I am a published print columnist in New York and was political commentator for WJFF radio in New York (an afiliate of NPR radio) and podcast commentator for Internet Voices Radio. My work also appears in a numerous new age publications, including self growth.com I am also founder of Quantum Spirituality, The Science of Change.

I live my self manifested life in rural upstate New York with my husband, four horses, eight cats and a very nasty parrot.

Memorize the following statements:

KNOW, not just believe!

Forgive yourself! Your God or Goddess already has!

IMPORTANT! Before beginning seminars and/or individual work ask yourself this all important question: Do I suffer from a mental illness of any kind? Am I clinically depressed? Am I bi-polar? What mental illness do I have or might I have? Be sure you are receiving appropriate counseling and treatment to improve your ability to take on the challenge of change.

The Science of Change

The Seminar Series

Seminar Number One:

This is an idea of the first seminar outline/theme: Each part will have lessons or classes and, as you work through these classes, hold onto your responses. They are pivotal for future reference.

Part I: Who are you?(a pensive self definition).

Part II:The self inventory- Things you like and don't like about yourself and what have you done to deserve the "blame" or "applause".

Part III:Who reinforced these feelings (the good and the bad)?

Part IV: List everything you are angry about. (You ARE ANGRY!)

On the surface, these appear simple. As you work the seminar, you will discover they are not. As you continue working, you will find there are layers to all of your pain but underneath all of it are answers.

As you progress with subsequent seminars you will be asked to revisit these same questions and you will see change!

Keep your answers and write notes to all challenges within each seminar. These will be the gauges to helping you know when your are ready for the next level.

Before the Science, I evolved.

Since progress is highly individualistic, the beauty of the seminars is that you do not have to move onto the next seminar comprehended and mastered previous ones. There is no required time frame for each seminar!

There is a champion rate for everyone. Please review the rates below, select the program you want to begin with and PRE-REGISTER at: cate_cavanagh@earthlink.net

IMPORTANT: You MUST set your address book to accept mail from this address or you will not receive the lessons!

Champion Seminar Program number one: $25 per seminar. This program provides study material ONLY.

Champion Seminar Program number two: $40 per seminar. This includes ten email questions to which you will receive an extensive personal response per email.

Champion Seminar Program number three: $100.00. Seminar material, one daily email correspondence either answering your question OR offering you a personalized suggestion based on your individualized need, and two 30 minute coaching calls until the next seminar session you sign up for. THERE WILL NO LONG DISTANCE CHARGES!!!! I will call you.

If you want personal coaching, my fees are as follows:

First call: In addition to the fee for materials the first conference call is $100 for 60 minutes. NO LONG DISTANCE CHARGE TO YOU! I will call you. After the first coaching session, follow up sessions are $75 for 60 minutes. I will call you.

Email me at cate.cavanagh@yahoo.com to begin the healing!

Make your checks and money orders to: Cate Cavanagh. Mailing address: PO BOX 920, Livingston Manor, New York.

If you need a PERSONAL FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENT, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am here to help and make available what I can offer! So, if you need a personal arrangement, please write: cate.cavanagh@yahoo.com and write personal arrangement in the subject.

IMPORTANT! Enclose your email address and telephone number with your payment AND set your computer to accept email from cate.cavanagh@yahoo.com

I look forward to being your personal guide to your personal power...


Additional Services:

As a metaphysician and founder of Quantum Spirituality, The Science of Change I can help you reinvent your life! In addition to the following, I am available for lectures and workshops. Email me at cate.cavanagh@yahoo.com for rates.

Be sure to visit my blog at somethingmagicalinourmists.blogspot.com and my website, quantumspirituality.tripod.com

I offer:

In depth Tarot reading $300 (at least one hour sometimes longer, much longer but the fee is the same!)

Wheel Of The Year to guide you through the next twelve months: $300.00 (A lengthy reading with no clock, same as above!)

Past life reading to help you understand your present incarnation: 300.00 (same as above)

Are you conflicted? An Animal Medicine Card reading can help you make positive choices in your life: $150.00

What are your animal totems?: $150

Sessions are prepaid in full or on payment plan (sessions divided as you go.)

-I can be changed by what happens to me

but I refuse to be reduced by it.- Maya Angelou