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In order to begin to achieve total integration of the self with healthier moment to moment experiences, we need to relate to the everyday situation as well as notice those around us.

QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY looks at the passive mind, active mind and quantum mind as ways to redirect the ailing mind from negative perceptions to positive ones. In This NEWSLETTER, will simply enjoy the pearls offered by our staff of writers. There is something for everyone and remember, The Science of Change encourages a mind shift. A mind shift occurs not only when we work in a disciplined manner to acquire it but also when we allow the mind to freely flow in a positive way.

This is why THE NEWSLETTER is so diverse. QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY empasses a holistic approach to easing the mind. As such, balance is achieved through stopping to think even about weeds! Theresa Chaze offers us some moments to reflect on how we grow, Dorothy Thompson talks about the wisdom in taking a respite from relationships, Mother Myriam Maytorena has written a wonderful peace on a wonderful human being (Yes! They are out there...), Loré Splitt's first column this month addresses a feeding question for pet lovers and, balance is not possible without humor so we have our very own humorist, Ron Berry to help us chuckle.

With most of us enjoying a change from winter to spring, we should think about being outdoors more to enjoy the benefit of longer days and warmer weath. These are the days to relax after the bitterness of snow and freezing weather. As such, we need to break away from the house a bit even when we come home from work and NOT COOK IN THE KITCHEN! To help us get home and get outside while the sun is still out, our very own master chef Kim Robinson has given us tips on how to quickly prepare a meal, get out of the kitchen and sit by the grill for dinner instead of standing over a stove.

Lastly, our guest columnist this month is bestselling author, Janet Elaine Smith, who reminesces about how she kept busy as a child before computers, videos games and other technological forms of recreation. QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY, as I mentioned above, is about putting the mind to good, wholesome and useful purposes. While we do this, we cannot also be trapped in the mental quagmire we need to escape. Follow the dots on this one to Janet's article and you will see what I mean.

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Blessings to all!


In This Issue: The Pet Pal!(Loré Splitt), Walking the Walk of Compassion...(Mother Myriam Maytorena), Preparing and Planting (Theresa Chaze),Coffee Break (Humorist Ron Berry),Are You In Relationship Remission (Dorothy Thompson),Get Ouside FAST- AND Eat! (Kim Robinson),Dusting Off Grandma's Bookshelves (Guest Janet Elaine Smith) and Anger as a Quantum Tool for Change (Yours truly).
At the end of THE NEWSLETTER is a quantum meditation exercise as well.

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As we evolve spiritually, it is inevitable that we must look at how we give and how we have given in the past. We also need to look at what we learned "giving" was from our past and the people around us. Were there "strings" always attached? Do we or have we given with the hope of someday receiving something in return? So, giving as it pertains to us spiritually needs some examination. In my upcoming book, QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY, The Science Of Change (sound familiar?) I devoted a whole chapter to "Giving in Spirit" because even giving and how we do or do not give is a reflection of yet another of the self we may want to work on. To give or not give is neither criticized or promoted because as we travel our own path, we will come to our conclusions on giving yet, it is always uplifting and inspiring to know there are real people who personify "Giving In Spirit". Mother Myriam Maytorena's article on Janet Elaine Smith shows us such people do exist and it matters not what their belief is! Cate


Walking the Walk of Compassion and
Finding One's Dream
My Journey with Janet Elaine Smith

by Mother Myriam Maytorena

I feel like I have known Janet Elaine Smith all my life or lives. She is one of the few people in my life that I know truly gives to others expecting nothing back because that is her mission. From youthful years in Venezuela where she never tried to convert anyone but only help to make their lives better to today in the chilly land of North Dakota she runs a mission whose purpose is not to convert but to help. Janet has no desire other than first helping those who are suffering. How has she persevered the suffering she has seen and the sorrow of seeing people in real pain? Why did she not, as many understandably do, walk away? Because she cannot. Helping people is where Janet exists-on the path of the divine. I am reluctant to call Janet a saint because as I understand it one must die to be given that designation. However, as my grandmother and great-grandmother lived their lives of giving in spirit, like them Janet is a living saint. My Daddy used to have a sermon that said: God admonishes us to turn the other cheek when attacked but he never said when we turned the other cheek and that one got struck that we did not have the right to protect and defend ourselves. But then he didn't know a Janet who will defend the depairing when confronted with systems that atttempt to strike the helpless down.

Janet is happy to live and serve in the unlikely place of North Dakota where she continues to work for the people. She drives the elderly to stores and helps anyone in need fill out forms and applications as well as assist with housing, heat and utility problems. Bi-lingual, she offers compassionate aid to the Hispanic population as well.

The only thing selfish that Janet ever did was decide to be a writer. Consistent with her love of bringing light into people's lives she write books that bring joy and a sense of hope in other peoples lives. She humbly does her work and tries to get her books into stores at a reasonable price so creating hope in other's lives is as affordable as possible. Even in this, as she learned what worked she generous shares her experience with others and not expecting anything back. As a result, many aspiring writers have also chosen to assertively take control of one's art and not depend on other people by self publishing.

There is a statement in the Bible that says when you enter a village and the non-believers do not accept your truth, then shake their dust off your robes and move on. As you can imagine, social workers are not always well received by the places they must go to so you could say this is one piece of advice Jesus gave that she has yet to follow. She has consistntly chosen to live a life of compassion and caring rather than be caught up in the negative energies she invariably encounters. As she gives to fellow writers and of herself through Mission Socorro, Janet Elaine Smith is one of the most spiritual people that I know or have known in my life. If you are looking for compassion and true spiritual love I think that you might want to get to know this amazing woman a little better. To learn about her wonderfully uplifting books you can go to: janetelainesmith.com

Mother Myriam Maytorena, M.Ed.


Preparing and Planting


Theresa Chaze

The sky was clear with a slight breeze blowing the scent of the awakening spring. I thought it was amazing that in the early part of May I could be standing in the main garden with my spade, turning the soil and clearing the early weeds. There is nothing like the feeling you get working the earth. Preparing the soil and planting the seeds is more than just farming; it is a metaphor for much of life. How we preplan and nurture our goals directly affects how they will grow. It would have been very easy to walk across the street to borrow a mechanical tiller, which would have made the job easier and quicker, but I would have missed out on the magic of the energy exchange between the earth and myself.

Last year's calluses are long gone. It was just the spade and me. Digging in and turning each shovel full did more than loosened the soil; adds oxygen to the dirt and made it simpler to get to the weed's complete root systems so they could not grow back. Blessing them as I remove them I toss them into the field I've tithed to the Goddess, giving them the opportunity to again set their roots. This will also makes it easier for the seeds I will plant to grow stronger and faster. For me it is a time to slow down and to be part of something bigger than myself. As all those who went before me set their spade and bent to plant their seeds, so I find strength, courage and humility in the same activity. For them it is was physical survival; for me it is spiritual and emotional healing.

How we garden reflects how we prepare for life. If done properly our goals will grow and flourish, however when we cheat on the process, we only cheat ourselves. If my only goal is to plant and harvest without caring about the result, then I would take the easy route and save myself the blisters. But for me gardening is a labor of love. The vegetables and flowers are side benefits to the connection I receive with the earth. Simply put, I do it because I love it. Working with the earth feeds my soul as well as my body. When I get my hands dirty, I am able to clear my mind and put life into perspective.

So many people live and work not because they find satisfaction in what they do, but for the material gains. They have chosen training and a profession not because they love the work but for the profits. They have taken the acceptable path only to find that it has not brought them satisfaction. They put off doing what gives them pleasure until the weekends or for when they retire. Instead of fighting for what fills their soul and gives them satisfaction, they take the quicker route only to find the promised rewards are not as fulfilling as they expected.

The question is how do you see your dreams? Are they weeds or crop?

Do you nurture them or try to kill them with things or drugs? As the tiller would have killed the existing weeds, the blades indiscriminately cutting and mangling would have only left the roots to grow back . So can a person till. They can once again see the seeds that are dreams as a nuisance and pluck them from their lives or they can step out of society expectations and nurture that special part of themselves. That is not to say relinquish the responsibility to care for their lives and the decisions they make. Everyone has the mundane bills to pay and food to buy; yet how much does a person really need? Is your dream worth the too big house, the fancy car, or all the toys ever invented? Or can you pass up the newest gadget to be able not work as much so you would have the time to cultivate your dream? Each person must decide for themselves what is important to them. Is having stuff more important than believing in a dream or is it having the courage to see a weed as a flower?


Are You in Relationship Remission?

by Dorothy Thompson

Everyone's been burned, cheated on and totally deflated by their loved one at some point. It's not a fun thing to go through, and sometimes it causes the person to become disillusioned with the whole idea of romance, relationships or beginning anew.

They retreat into a shell, vowing to never allow anyone to penetrate this invisible shield of protection to their heart because, after all, they don't want to be hurt again. And do you blame them?

These people whose hearts have been crushed to the point where they just say no to relationships are in what I call "relationship remission."

As a relationship expert focusing on the soul mate relationship in particular, you would think that I would discourage closing off your heart for awhile, but there comes a time in one's life when it's often necessary to take a step back and find out who you are and what you want out of life.

At the tender age of four, Molly envisioned what her husband was going to look like and that they'd have two boys, two girls and all the puppies and kittens they wanted. She had a "pretend" marriage with Alfred, the little boy next door, and while the adults thought it was cute, Molly knew, even back then, that she wanted a fairytale marriage and was going to live happily ever.

Fast forward thirty-nine years later, and Molly has been divorced three times and never found the fairytale marriage she was looking for. She became disillusioned with the whole dating scene after two attempts of rape, relationships that never lasted and several therapy sessions in which she felt she was the reason her life had turned out so horrible.

Had she not grown up to believing that life was one Cinderella story after another, maybe she would have been prepared for the frogs along the way. But then, who is to know what the future has in store?

No matter how hard you try, the relationship factor has baffled everyone. Since time began, man has always looked for that magic key that would open the lock to that fulfilling and lifelong relationship, without any problems or grief. So far, no one has been able to find that magic key.

Until now.

That magic key lies within you and by entering relationship remission, you&'ll find out what it is you need to do to unlock that door to your heart and find the Cinderella life that's been eluding you.

By taking a time-out and examining yourself closely, you'll hopefully discover:

1) The only person who can make you happy is yourself

2) In order to be the person someone would want to love, you have to love yourself first

3) Being a queen instead of a pawn guarantees self-confidence and self-satisfaction

4) Self-love comes first and relationships naturally follow

5) You are queen of your own destiny

When you have had time to regroup, you discover things about yourself that you might have been ignoring, and it's a perfect time to fix those things that are making you unhappy. What is life? Is it is a continuous pattern of hardships and mistakes?

In my relationship e-class, I teach that self-love is the most important thing. If you don't have self-love, you have to go back to square one and fix it. It's not hard to do, and if you don't at least make an attempt, your relationships will go nowhere.

Taking a break from relationships when the need arises is very necessary. It's the time when we can sit back and evaluate our past lives and try to figure out how we went off our intended path and how to get back on it.

The irony of this is that this is when your soul mate does appear when you least expect it!

So, take time off when the need arises and listen to your intuition, which will guide you to make the right decisions. Following your gut instincts when things don't feel right and when things do feel right just means that it's meant to be.

The soul mate relationship isn&'t hard to figure out. But, sometimes, we need to regroup within ourselves to realize why our knight in shining armor just never seems to be within our reach. Fairy tales are fairy tales, but why not turn your life into your own fairy tale and live happily ever after?

While no relationship is perfect, you have the power to make it into anything you want it to be. After all, you are the queen of your own destiny and hold that key to your future happiness and well-being. Use the power.

© Dorothy Thompson ,The Soul Mate Queen



by Guest Columnist,Janet Elaine Smith

Summertime! It conjures up images of watermelon, swimming pools, fresh vegetables from the garden, bike riding, mosquitoes and flies, and boredom!

Yes, that's right. It usually starts about two weeks after school gets out. Every parent has heard it. "Mom, I'm bored!" "Mom, what can I do?" Of course they are never thinking in terms of cleaning up their rooms, helping with the dishes, or doing any kind of chores. Even the same old video games wear out before too long.

Back in the days when you and I were kids, we were taught that books were our best friends. Somehow, the art of fine reading has been lost. The only thing that I have seen in recent years to help overcome that fact is the release of the Harry Potter books. They have helped reintroduce reading. But J.K. Rowling can only write a certain number of books in a year.

I remember when we lived in St. Peter, Minnesota. I loved to read. As early as I can remember, I can picture my mom and dad reading to us, and then our begging for a new book when I had learned to figure out the words for myself. I had a secret that I had figured out. My bedroom was directly above my parents' bedroom. There was a grate in my bedroom floor so the heat would come upstairs. The furnace ducts didn't go upstairs. Often, my dad would yell up to me to turn the light off and get to sleep. That ended my reading fun for the night.

One Saturday, when I went to Grinden's dimestore, I related my tale of woe to Mr. Carlson, well out of earshot of Mother. He was very sympathetic and he quickly came up with a solution. He asked me if I had a rug in my room. I did. There was a pink throw rug right in front of the bed. He told me to pull it over the grate and my parents wouldn't see that the light was on. I was set! I went home and at bedtime I hurried and pushed the rug over the grate, and I knew my friends from my favorite books and I were safe. Having to snuggle under the covers a little tighter to make up for the loss of heat.

Until one day I forgot to move the rug back in the morning. My mother, as always, went up to make sure I had made the bed before I left for school. She discovered my secret. Of course I made sure she knew that it was Mr. Carlson's idea, not mine. It was, alas, the end of my escapades. Every night my dad would poke the broom handle through the holes in the grate to make sure the rug wasn't over it.

Kids today are missing out on a whole world of make-believe because they have lost the relationship with books. So, when they start to complain this summer that they are bored, take them to your own stash of your favorite childhood books, or send them to Grandma's to see if she has some of them tucked away. If neither of you have any of them, a trip to a used bookstore is in order.

Just for starters, here are a few of my own favorites. Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Hardy Boys, Anne of Green Gables, The Bobbsey Twins, and Lassie. I'm sure you can all add some of your own personal favorites as well.

The U.S. Government has instituted a "no child left behind" policy for the schools today. Gone are the days when kids learned phonics in the classroom, or where creativity in reading and writing was more important than sports. This is one way we can all do our part in promoting a good education in our kids. It's an old cliché, but it is true: our kids are our future.

I have a line on the bottom of each page on my website that pretty much says it all. It says, "A great book is like a great mind; it keeps on giving over and over and over again!"



Take a look at the following picture. Allow yourself to feel your first impluse of emotion as you study it. Do not describe what you see. Just feel what you feel. Now, take a long, deep breath in through your nose and breath out as slowly as you can through your mouth. Do this several times without interupting your flow of breathing. This is not easy but in time you will learn this breathing technique. Now, close your eyes and breathe a few more times. Stop. Look at the picture again. How have your feelings "shifted?"

The Quantum List for Prayers

To add someone to this list, please e mail me at: cate_cavanagh@earthlink.net

Please focus healing for the greater good to:

Homer "Doc" Childers

George Jaccarino


Loré Splitt

Making Decisions for Your Pets

The Internet is a great place to search for information. You can find advise on your love life one moment, and thousands of pages on medical ailments you might have that include information your doctors might not have mentioned.

There are also millions of pages on every kind of animal, and the care they should receive. But, every web page should be taken with a grain of salt however. I could easily mock up a site saying that the key to your pet's good health is by feeding them honey everyday. These are the days where more and more people are questioning their vets, which I do believe is a GOOD thing. People should be fully informed about the choices they have to make for their charges. However, more and more people are getting their information from the Internet, so these are just a few tips I learned from trial and error in researching pet care.

If you find something that sounds good on a person's private website, read it through of course, but don't just stop there. Try to find a site that belongs to a university/college- something that ends with a .edu . .edu sites are usually based on studies, but can be a student's own personal site as well. The key is to look for references and look those up too.

This can mean you'll have to read a couple of books, or at least a few paragraphs or chapters in different books. I've found that in all my major decisions in animal care, I've had to roll up my sleeves and do things the old fashioned way and research.

For example, when friends of mine, and people I know on bulletin boards were telling me about possibly feeding raw foods and raw bones to my dogs, whom I affectionately call my girls, I really considered it. So I decided to research it before deciding. First, I looked up websites and then I went to the library and looked up some of the references I found. I saw that the opinions were mainly in favor of raw diets were on unofficial websites, but the majority of official sites were against it. I even went to a few government sites about freezing meats at certain temperatures to see what germs could be killed and in what percentages. With that in hand, I started to talk to vets who were against it.

You will find it interesting to know that many practicing vets get money from food manufacturers which I found out by talking to the large number of vet techs I personally know. This is something to take into consideration as well.

With this information in hand, I decided to email some zoo vets to see what their opinions were on the subject, since they deal with feeding raw and bones quite often. I began my queries with emailing about ten different sources and this was just for starters.

The opinions are diverse so upon doing your own research you will have to decide for yourself. In doing this, you will need to ask a fairly large number of people in order to assess their reasons and to figure out an average opinion. You must find many more than one person people to ask, from as many fields related to the question as possible, learn their reasons then add that together with your website and book research.

Although the net is a great starting point,giving you ideas about the right questions to ask, it shouldn't be the only source of information... and if it is- it shouldn't be the information found in the first site that is found. If you find something that sounds good on a person's private website, read it through of course, but don't just stop there. Try to find a site that belongs to a university/college- something that ends with a .edu . "edu" sites are usually based on studies, but can be a student's own personal site as well. So even here the key is to look for references, and look those up too.

I found that while researching can be rather involved, when trying to decide what's best for your pets, there is almost no such thing as too many points of view.

Gather all the information you can, and then make a truly informed decision. This is the best way to decide on your own what is best for your beloved companions!



Coffee Break

by Ron Berry

Let's see, I'd been up for, 23.2 minutes and done the little private reading room thing. Clothes or something resembling clothes, were on. A big yawn and stretch. Man, that much exercise wore me out. I need, coffee!! Now where is that darn machine? Oh, I know, ouch!! No, that was the door. I was missing something. Hmmmm. Oh, my glasses. That should help a bit.

I headed out to the kitchen, found the carafe and started filling it with water. Damn, cracked! After about an hour or so of looking, I found the glue, right where I knew it would be. I slopped some glue on the crack. Thank goodness there's a mini store next door. I decided to go grab a cup of coffee there while I waited for the glue to dry.

Now thatwas better. The world was coming into focus and the pounding in my head was not quite the jackhammer that it had been. I joyously skipped all the way back home. (yeah, I skipped). That was my second mistake of the day. Coffee tends to bounce out of a cup when the cup holder is acting like Tigger. I slurped the dregs from the bottom.

Back in the kitchen, I grabbed slathered the carafe with glue and poured water in. It stayed!!! Thanks to the coffee I managed to salvage from my foray next door, I can now see out of one eye...

Now where had I stuffed that stupid machine? Ah, yes, it was in a box in the garage. Gently, I opened the garage door. It didn't budge. A sharp yank finally moved it a fraction of an inch. I headed back inside the house to find the aspirin and heating pad. After throwing the aspirin down, I plugged in the heating pad. I headed next door for another cup of Columbian while the wondrous flow of electricity puts heat into the little piece of cloth that I plugged in. I walked back home (I learned my lesson about skipping with coffee).

Seated in my most comfortable (and only), chair, I let the warmth flow through my shoulder. I also pondered why that door didn't come open but instead allowed me to wrack my arm. Half an hour of heat and I felt something close to human. I headed back to the garage.

I thought I'd try something different. I turned the doorknob. The door opened with ease. Warning: Never try complicated operations like opening garage doors after only a few sips of coffee. Garage doors know you are not ready and they put up a fight.

It took a bit, but I found the box. Gently, I ripped it open and manhandled the machine out of its cubicle. Tucked under my arm, I played Quarterback and dashed into the house. I don't play sports, do quarterbacks dash? Oh well, this is my story, so they do.

Putting the machine on the counter, I plugged it in. Water poured in and, after taking everything out of the cupboards, I found the coffee sitting on the table where I left it. With a smug smile, I pushed the on button.

Crackle! Snap! I pull the plug and turn the ceiling fan on to get rid of the smoke. Throwing on my shoes I head next door grabbing the shorted out beast and calmly pitched it in the dumpster. This time I got a gigantic cup of coffee!

Back at the house, I meandered down to the basement. Locating the fuse box, I try to figure out which one blew. With the basement light on, I started to unscrew them one at a time.

Nope, that one was not it. I headed back upstairs and only bumped into a couple of walls. The kitchen light was still out. Of course it was. The first fuse I unscrewed was for the basement lights. At least I knew right where the flashlight is. I was getting better; it only took forty-five minutes to find something that was right in front of me. I head back downstairs.

I replaced the fuse for the basement lights and tried again. Finding it, I decided that was enough adventure for one day. I headed back up to turned on the television...

and added one more thing to the shopping list.


Get Outside FAST--and EAT!!!!

By Kim Robinson

With so many of us enjoying warmer weather, it's time to get out of the kitchen, make quick meals for outside and EAT!!!

Here are a few really fast recipes to help get out, enjoy the weather and longer days!

Feta chicken

Pound flat chicken breast and layer with fresh spinach.
Place the mixture on top. Roll the breast up and tie with a string. Put it on the grill and grill over low fire making sure to turn often and close the grill so it can cook though easily.

Feta Cheese Dip for Raw Vegetables

Mix green onions with black and green olives. That's it!

Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Mix Mozzarella,parmesean and asiago cheeses. Fill mushroom caps with the mix and pour in a little melted butter and brush the caps with butter as well. Put on foil and place on the grill until cheese melts.

German Coleslaw

Shred cabbage in long "strings." ½ head medium sized cabbage will serve 6-8. Sprinkle in ¼ to ½ tsp. celery seed (to taste). Add Wishbone Italian dressing to taste and toss well. 2-3 tablespoons or more. Serve immediately.

Anger As A Quantum Tool For Change

By Cate Cavanagh

Many New Age and anonymous teachings strive to work toward mental peace by finding ways to eliminate the anger, which over time, is self destructive. The truth is so many people live so long with inner directed anger the result is ongoing depression that interferes with productivity, relationships and at its worse contributes to suicide.

So, anger is a very serious emotion. If you are suffering from long term depression or someone you know suffers from anger and any of the ways it manifests itself, appropriate professional help is always called for. The process of healing and change demands we accept that there is no shame in mental illness. So the first thing to do is be kind to yourself and your loved one if professional help is needed. Having said this, if you are ready to look at anger from a spiritual perspective be prepared to discover anger as your most powerful tool in practicing Quantum Spirituality, The Science of Change.

To begin with look at the Civil Rights and Women's Liberation movements. These movements were spurred by injustices that made people angry. The Civil Rights Movement did not have the support of just Black people nor did Women's Lib thrive without eventual male support.

So, where change is concerned, there is a place for anger. But, destructive anger is out of place. I personally know anger can be so overwhelming it can seem impossible to think that anger can become a tool for change.

First, let's consider the causes and changes I mentioned because anger was the impetus for action. Although most movements begin with compassion, compassion without action is useless. Compassion stirred by anger can change the world.

Moving away from the global", how does this apply to us? When we change our perception of anger we realize the things we are angry about tell us what we really want. It's that simple. For example, if we are angry because we feel people take us for granted, then our anger is telling us that perhaps we keep putting ourselves in that position because we harbor a desperate need for acceptance.

Anger brings about great resolution when it can be directed toward an important cause. Quantum Spirituality teaches that anger is telling you that you have been neglecting yourself as your own cause! The Science of Change enters the picture when you choose yourself as your own cause. When choice becomes your reality all the little things that are the smoke and mirrors of what you think you really need begin to solve themselves.

Quantum Spirituality utilizes the science of quantum physics to redirect energy from the body and mind to effect desired change, this energy is also created by anger. The Science of Change teaches how to redirect anger toward personal achievement. It is in this manner that you realize anger can be a powerful tool and that change is nothing more than a science.