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Cate Cavanagh, Author and Metaphysician and Occult Consultant for the Media and Individuals

THE NEWSLETTER, Vol. 1, Issue 3! Please Crosspost! COPYWRITE MAY 22, 2006


What is QUANTUM spiritual life coaching?

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This issue we have our resident humorist, Ron Berry, offering his usual spin on life, Loré Splitt (our Pet Pal)
is away. We will see her when she gets back! The Soulmate Queen, Dorothy Thompson, our gourmet cook, Kim Robinson, High Priestess Theresa Chaze, myself and guest writer Janet Elaine Smith!

We also have two new regular columnists! I welcome Barbara Carvallo and Kim Loftis!

In this Issue: After Breakfast,by Ron Berry
Lemon Pepper Pork Chops, by Kim Robinson
Censorship by Theresa Chaze
Is Negative Thinking Scaring Off your Soul Mates by Dorothy Thompson
The Shadow of Loneliness by Barbara Carvallo
The Quantum Mind by yours truly, Cate.
The Courage To Keep On Singing by Kim Loftis
Poem Invictus (William Ernest Henley)for empowerment!

Our guest columnist is Janet Elaine Smith whole article, "God's Prompt" demonstrates belief in oneself, one's work and one's belief system.

Quantum Spirituality focuses on the the importance of belief. Belief sustains us when we are weary and inspires us to live our dream even before that dream comes true. Janet shares her experience of becoming an author and exemplifies what doing what you love to do becomes a blessing!

Shadow Boxing, by yours truly and our Prayer List. Please mail requests to: catecavanagh@earthlink.net

We now have a link section for our wonderful columnists and I have provided another quantum exercise.





After Breakfast by Ron Berry

I ducked out of the poultry department. I didn't have a beef with the butcher, but those pork roasts were really hamming it up. I walked down the counter a bit, and noticed that it was all bull to the end. I waved good-bye to chuck and hoofed it out of there.

Now the question is, which is the safest way to get to the checkout? The fruit section is totally bananas and its
wine, wine, in the liquor department. I guess I'll take the quickest path and slide through the baking aisle. This should be a piece of cake.

"Oh no! I'm about to get maced!!"
Those spices will get ya every time. I need to try and keep those leaves at bay. No wonder these guys are giving me trouble, the old man, pap rika is directing them. Ah, there's Morton, the salt of the earth. I'll get out of this aisle yet!

At last I reach the checkouts. I really got peppered getting here. Good, housekeeping is here also, maybe that will clean up the family circle. Ah, the wonders to behold at a checkout line! It's very empowering here, AA, AAA, C size, etc. But, the planters on the other side are totally nuts! Oh heavens, it's payday and 100,000 at that. That surely would sweeten anybody's pot.

Ok, time to dig out the plastic. This is the better way to pay for groceries because it hurts to see that much cash slipping through the fingers.

I went out to my pick-it-all-up-and-dump-it truck, drove over and waited while my carts were transferred. It's a good thing I put heavy-duty shocks on this thing! I think it might have been easier to just put everything on palettes and use a forklift. Now for the slow drive home. It has to be slow; this thing is too heavy to pick up much speed.

The first lesson I learned when it came to buying food is to have a well-designed house. Mine has a loading dock that sits right outside the kitchen. I have a dolly that has a box permanently welded to it. All I have to do is put the bags in the box, wheel it into the house and put it away. I should have it done in less than two hours or so.

Now the problem with buying groceries is that it makes a person hungry. I'm no exception. But, the big question is, what is there to eat? I don't really feel like cooking. Now I know someplace in this warehouse of grocery sacks there is a loaf of bread.

Aha! One well bread assemblage of ingredients. Amazingly, they even pre-slice this stuff.

I located the butter and dug through the bags and found the honey. I put two slices in the toaster and scrounged up a cup to make some coffee. As I turned around to butter up my lunch, I was horrified! There was suddenly a mob of bees buzzing around the honey pot. As I bent down to take a closer look to see if I had spilled some on the counter, one bee flew up directly in front of my eyes and (I swear this is true), shook his little front legs at me! Now I was really confused but I decided to look a little closer.

Bees aren't the largest beasts on this planet so the leader is holding a magnifying glass. These guys weren't just walking around on the counter, they were holding a protest! All of them were carrying little signs. One of them said, "Eat Strawberries, not honey." Another one read, "I bee all buzzed out." I guess this guy was just tired. Hey, I didn't write 'em, they did. Not bad penmanship I might add.

It took some work, but I finally convinced them that this jar of honey came from bees that were well compensated for their labors. It was at this point that I got the idea.

If miraclegro made plants bigger, would it work on clover?

As I mulled this over, I realized that it might be harmful for the little guys. That is how I came to invent extremely small gas masks.


Kim's Lemon Pepper Pork Chops

Another quick to fix and delicious to eat recipe from Kim Robinson!

Pork Chops (I prefer bone in)
2 cups of orange juice
Lemon Pepper
Seasoning salt
Rosemary leaves

Marinate pork chops in all for two hours, then broil for 10 minutes. Pour off the orange juice sprinkle with a touch of lemon Pepper broil until browned to your taste turning once..




Theresa Chaze

Censorship an ugly word that everyone denies but so many practice in subtle ways. It could be as simple as telling another to shut up or going to the extreme of physically preventing the person from speaking. In either case and on every level in-between one person or group has imposed their expectations and values on others. By silencing even one voice, not only do you limit the information and wisdom they could share, but also you hinder others' ability to be comfortable sharing their experience.

The uniqueness of every individual gives them a perspective that is all their own. It is the old adage of the three blind men describing an elephant. The one at the head thinks it's a long muscular hose that's attached to a mouth with a wet tongue. The one in the middle feels a flat, rough sometimes moving surface on large pedestals. The one at the tail claims it's narrow, hard rope that smelly lumps drop out of. With the information they have, all are correct, yet none of them have all the facts. It's only by bringing all the pieces together that you are given a more accurate description of the elephant.

A society which reinforces its known traditions without leaving room for questioning or re-examination becomes inbred and stagnant. By closing their society, the members are limited to what they are able to experience or learn about themselves and their environment. When the society as a whole sees change or new ideas as a threat, they will use fear and intimidation to prevent others from bringing it into their society. It is the mental equivalent of limiting the genre pool. Just as inbreeding leads to negative, recessive traits becoming the norm, ideas that are recycled without being reexamined, degenerate into fanaticism or blind subservience. Individualism becomes a menace to society and those who chose to walk their own path are labeled blasphemers or traitors. Instead of embracing their uniqueness their society harasses, threatens or silences by death. But it affects more than the one individual. Others, who see the brutality will become less likely to share themselves and their wisdom, choosing instead to hide in the shadows and pretend to conform, which further closes off the society. It is an unending cycle, which spirals downward until the members of the society no longer have free will or the ability to make decisions on a personal level. It is at this point the society begins to die as a whole.

It is the challenge of ideas that make a society strong and allows it to grow. Galileo was threatened with death when he proposed that the world was round and not the center of the universe. For many decades, disease was blamed on curses or the ill will of the Gods. Even as late as the early nineteenth century, when dinosaur bones and evidence of early civilization became uncovered, many still refused to believe the human race was older than six thousand years old. They believed it was all a hoax, created to attack their religious beliefs.

But the bones were real. Planet Earth is one planet in our solar system, which lies in the boondocks of our galaxy. Viruses and bacteria are treated with antibiotics, many of which were created with a combination of new and old wisdom. If Columbus hadn't set sail in 1492 across the ocean blue, the Americas wouldn't have been found and many of the wonderful creations wouldn't exist today. Many of the modern toys that we take for granted were born from our reaching for the stars. These are all indisputable facts.

When old beliefs and knowledge are challenged, room is made to learn and grow beyond what they are at this moment. By questioning, we are more able to find new wisdom and knowledge. We are also more capable of understanding what we do unearth.

A healthy, strong society starts with one voice, one new idea and the ability to share it with others. No one person or group has all the information or wisdom; it's only by combining what we all know, suspect, or theorize that we can expand our ability to understand and know more of the ultimate truths. Each of the blind men could stubbornly stick to their truth about the elephant, ignoring the others findings, and be correct, but they wouldn't have the whole elephant--only a part. Every country and religion has only part of the universal truth; it's by combining all our wisdom and knowledge will we finally reach a clearer understanding of who we all are and why we are here.


Good or Evil , Who decides?
by Mother Myriam

For many years I have talked about that if one is to be following the concepts of unconditional love and acceptance, we must also love and accept those who appear to be doing evil. This is perhaps one of the biggest moral issues that humanity faces. There are big evils that catch our attention as with terrorist and dictators and war mongers or corporate raiders, but we each in our lives face what I like to call little evils.

Many religions teach that in compassion and kindness put into practice not just lip service, that evil and war would disappear. We point to people like Ghandi and Martin Luther King that passive resistence to evil will overcome evil. Yet there are others who point to the travesty of the Nazi movement and the murder of millions and without fighting evil with military power this evil would have taken over the world and thus there are justifiable ends for us acting in unkind ways for survival.

Always when there is an enemy (perceived or delusional) it is important to make the enemy less and dehumanize them to justify our anger, fear or aggression. On a large scale we do it with propaganda on a small scale we do it with gossip and self talk about how bad we have been treated or someone else has been treated.

It is easier to be angry when faced with evil than to look with compassion and seek to understand what causes an individual or a nation to manifest this behavior. This is an absolute with the only exception being mental illness: No one does anything bad unless bad things were done to them.

Here is another truism: When bad things happen to us, many times we have set ourselves up to attract negative behavior into our lives. This is not a bad thing if we use these events of negativity to learn and grow. However, if we keep repeating the same behaviors and drawing people into our lives that support our believe that life is against us or that we are cursed or we are unlovable, then we are not learning the lessons that are the reason for relationships to exist.

When penitentiaries were first created by the Quakers in the United States, it was thought that if people who were doing evil were to be confined to meditate and contemplate their behaviors they would find answers within themselves and be rehabilitated. Now we have learned the opposite is true. When we place dysfunctional people together they will reinforce and teach each other greater fear, hate and socially unacceptable behaviors.

There is only way a person can be rehabilitated or become healthy and that is through self-motivation to take responsibility for one's behaviors and start to act and believe in ways that manifests a new way of responding to life and other people. While I totally believe that psycho-therapy is a great support in this process, ultimately the change happens within and is self-driven.

Unfortunately there are so many people in our world who are so wounded and damaged that the thought of helping them heal and find the path to love and trust again that the task seems daunting. However, if we take the responsibility to change self we will change how the world around us is manifest.

If we desire love, we must learn to love self. When we love self, others will love us.

If we desire trust, we must learn to trust self. When we trust self, others will trust us.

If we desire respect, we must learn to respect self. When we respect self, others will respect us.

If we desire good not evil in our lives, we must learn to live a life that is good and avoids evil. When we learn goodness than goodness comes to us.

We must remain vigilant that we do not gossip about others or listen to gossip because then we perpetuate the power of evil and fear. We must remain vigilant about propaganda and thus when we do this we learn to see when the government, big business and so forth our manipulating our fears and controlling our reaction to life and the other humans that inhabit this planet with us.

Good or Evil? It is up to you to decide which you will have manifest in your life.


by Janet Elaine Smith

I started writing my first book twenty-five years ago. It finally got published five years ago. During that twenty-year lapse, I kept writing-books, magazine articles, lesson plans, all sorts of things. There were several things that kept me going, which I would like to share with you so you won't fall into that "what's the point" frame of mind that will make you throw in the towel, or throw out the pen.

It was going to be a fun little Regency romance, with a "Christian twist." However, as I began to write the story, I told my husband that I really needed some sort of hidden treasure in Great Britain. Without a moment's hesitation, he replied, "Why don't you just use our family's jewels?"

I laughed, but I saw that he was serious. Then he began to tell me of the Keith clan (his great-grandmother was Caroline Keith) and the Scottish regalia, which they had hidden at Dunnottar Castle to keep Oliver Cromwell from melting it down, like he had already done to the royal jewels, crown, etc. of England.

I have always loved a challenge. I set out to prove him wrong, but I soon discovered that he was right. Yes, he loved gloating over that fact. But, it gave me a whole new book, set about 150 years before the Regency era, and one which would go on to be my "ticket to publishing success." The change in my plans was caused by God's little writing prompt to me-through my husband.

Meanwhile, as I worked on Dunnottar, which was a big historical epic, not a little Regency romance, I heard someone make a comment that changed the way I looked at my fiction writing from that moment on. What did they say that was so earth-shattering? It was said by a nominal Christian woman. She said, "When I look for a really good book, I never go to a Christian bookstore."

The wheels in my mind began to whir. So if I wanted to reach the non-Christian populace with my books, what could I do? And that is when God's second prompt took hold. I could write a book that would be acceptable by the general public, but my characters would be the ones who would draw the readers to the Lord. There would be no preaching in the books, nor would there be any great narrative orations. It has been said so often that it has become trite, but it is still true: what you do speaks so loudly I can't hear what you say. Yes, my characters would show the readers the path to God, not through their words as much by their dialogue as by their actions.

This has followed with all of my books. I don't write "religious" books; I write books of faith.

As I said earlier, it took twenty years for Dunnottar to get published. But what happened to that book was just the tip of the iceberg. I rewrote it five times, each time to suit the wants of a specific editor at some publishing house or other. They still sent me one of those "good rejections" I have in my filing cabinet. When it finally came out, it was the way I had written it originally-the way it was meant to be all the time!

And then, when I was at a booksigning at our local Barnes & Noble bookstore, someone walked up to me, handed me a paper and asked, "Have you seen this?" I looked at it. It was a printout of an amazon.com page, showing that Dunnottar was their No. 1 best-selling Scottish book! And that was out of over 8,000 other titles at the time! God's prompt was working! And who was reading it? People who also bought books by James Patterson, John Grisham, Heather Graham-authors whose books were in every bookstore in the country, people who probably have never been inside a Christian bookstore.

Now don't get me wrong. I stand foursquare behind Christian bookstores. But, that isn't where you will find the people who need the message my books (subtly) contain. I don't want to preach to the choir! I want to go on the highways and byways with the message that there is redemption-for everyone!

When I get reviews like these, I know that God doesn't make mistakes.

Janet Elaine Smith has done it again. Masterfully written, "A Christmas Dream is one one book that will touch your soul. Do you believe in love? Do you believe in miracles?..." "

Janet Elaine Smith has done it again. This not-so-keen-on- historicals reader positively craves to see history as written by the funny and talented multi-published author. God, romance, and an old west pioneer spirit wrap their arms around this part western, part historical romance novel set in the Dakotas in the late 1800's.

Yes, fourteen published books later and living my dream life, God's Prompts have proven themselves over and over again. I get at least thirty emails a day from people all over the country who are walking into bookstores and finding my books, or they are ordering them online. I am convinced that they are reaching people where they are. I'm not sure it would have worked nearly as well if I had planned it myself. I'd probably be writing "religious" books that very few people were reading. I've learned, years ago, that God is a whole lot smarter than I am!

Note from Cate: I have read Ms. Smith's books and enjoyed them thoroughly. Her characters are fun, quirky and live lives we can identify with. Her books are rewarding and never preachy even though her characters may be of a particular persuasion, they are truly colorful people!

Shadow Boxing by Cate Cavanagh

There is something inspiring about modern day warriors like boxers. Of course in the older days you had Joe Lewis and James Braddock now made famous by the movie, "Cinderella Man."

But I think what inspires such respect in me for people who do this is the discipline they have to do the training. They run, they spar, lift weights, punch the punching bag and shadow box. I couldn't imagine sparring with them, much less getting in the ring for a real fight-unless I could run around like crazy, get on my knees and plea
for mercy! Shadows have always intrigued people. The old radio program and more recently, the movie, "The Shadow" testify to our fascination with shadows. There was even a famous old song called, "Me and My Shadow".

The other day I was going shopping with my husband and saw a huge shadow on a lawn as we drove by. We live in a rural area and have seen wild turkeys, hawks, guinea hens and even Bald Eagles! I asked him what huge bird could have made such a big shadow and he reminded me that it didn't have to be a huge bird at all, just a bird, like a hawk flying very high with the sun hitting him just so that the
shadow appeared huge. Of course I had a "duh!" moment but, more importantly, I began to think.

I began to think of how on some days, something irritating happens and suddenly, I am not just battling the irritation but a whole line up of issues making "guest appearances" in the play that is my day.

Like that bird, a small thing can loom so hugely, we are distracted by the deception of a larger than life shadow. Suddenly, we are boxing a shadow that belongs to something that is really quite small but that we allowed to grow under the diminishing spotlight that is our own spirit power. We are in a ring fighting a fight and we never
know it. Frankly, there are enough really big monsters with equally large shadows-hunger, disease, war and all types of brutality that, if we are lucky, we have not experienced to the fullest others have. Our daily monsters can be our children not doing as well in school as
we would like, an ailing elderly parent, a recent death, the loss of a job and worrying about bills. Life monsters. We all have these monsters but, at least we know their shadows and at least we know what we are boxing.

It's when we fall to the ground and try to hide among the tall grass when we see what seems to be a huge shadow that we have lost the moment's battle. Life is not easy for a lot of people and each moment can present a possible battle which we can cower from or choose to look at directly, assess and see that this particular battle will pass and that its shadow has no form, other than that which we give it. When we realize this, we have won that battle and
in fact, flexed the inner muscle that is our spirit power.

Flexing muscles. I like other people flexing muscles. But frankly, the flexing of the inner muscle which is the self, the mind and the spirit is harder than pumping iron everyday. The growth and power of the self, mind and spirit demands that every challenge, every heartbreak, every monster in our past and mind be faced down and
conquered. Like disciplined boxers, we are running, lifting weights (and carrying them around in the form of worry, guilt and despair), punching the punching bag (or air or pillow or even the wall) and we spar with ourselves! In a ring of power, like boxers, we are fighting ourselves and our own knowingness that we are beings of power! As long as we punch at shadows looming formless we cannot see
that for all we have suffered, we have the proof that we are as strong as any boxer. We are our own shadows- our defeated and lost side casts a big shadow and we box with it until we are exhausted whereas, the shadow never gets exhausted as long as we allow the light to remain constant and cast these shadows selves against us.

If we were to just put on ALL OF THE LIGHTS, the shadow self and the gruesome shadows it casts, disappears!

While walking in our spiritual and personal truths, why is it that we are always the last we educate? Must we not look at ourselves and our shadows in truth as well? Hmmmm. If we remember to do this everyday our truth will become that we are fit from shadowing boxing things that weren't there and that wisdom and knowledge is inside of
us all the time waiting to be flexed.

We just have to turn on all the lights!


Ron Berry: http://www.freewebs.com/unwriter/
Dorothy Thompson: www.thesoulmatequeen.com
Kim Robinson: www.kim-robinson.com
Theresa Chaze: www.theresachaze.com
Mother Myriam Maytorena: www.manifestreality.com
Cate Cavanagh: catecavanagh.net, quantumspirituality.tripod.com
Paula N. Quick: thearomaconcierge.com
KimLoftis: http://www.kimloftis.com/


Dorothy, Theresa, Mother Myriam and I are all offering free books! Go to catecavanagh.net where you can look at the books being offered.

Prayer List

George Jaccarino has recovered after having one hundred heart attacks as a result of a faulty pacemaker! There is no brain or kidney damage and he is being released to rehab this week!

"Rex"-Facing another bout of cancer. This time, of the brain. Currently, he is battling the dreadful side effects of his chemo-horribly low white blood count. Please focus on this.

"Tina" who lost all of her children in a horrible car crash on Thanksgiving. She is suffering from an understable and dangeous depression.

Please continue prayers for Mr. Homer "Doc" Childers.(Cancer)

Pat Kneffler and family members: Andy Baechel, Mariah Baechel, and Mariah's brother...John

"Keith"- Oklahoma City whose work was not done as he survived cancer for seven years after being given three monthe He is having a relapse of cancer.

Quantum healing at work! Keep the prayers coming!


Invictus (William Ernest Henley. 1849-1903)

OUT of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.


Is Negative Thinking Scaring Off Your Soul Mates?

By: Dorothy Thompson

Francine Bonnecelli* swore off relationships the day her husband of nine years left her for a twenty-something barmaid in San Francisco. This being her third marriage, she felt three was the charm and he showed all the qualities in a soul mate and a marriage partner that no one had ever shown her. Then this. After this traumatic experience, she closed off her heart to future relationships, giving up on the theory that you can find THE ONE who meets all your goals and expectations.

Jennifer Quigley*, fresh out of college, had enough of her share of "flings" and was ready for that someone special to enter her life. However, after every date ended up in the bedroom, she vowed that she was going to give up dating altogether. "It's just not worth it," she said. "There just are no more good guys left. I'd rather stay home with my cat or go out with friends."

Joseph Freemont* married his childhood sweetheart fresh out of high school. After graduation, they married and one and a half years later, became the proud parents of a strapping baby boy they named Michael. Two years later, another child joined their family and then a year later, the third child was born. Joseph was a good father as well as a good husband, delighting his wife with anything her heart desired. He laughed at his good luck and never took advantage of the situation by treating every day with his family as if it were the first. Twenty years to the day they married, Joseph lost his wife to terminal cancer. He grieved to the point where he could not come to grips with her passing and decided from that day forward he would never look at another woman again.

What do these three people have in common?

They have all given up on looking for their soul mates altogether and have closed off that path of their journey which is necessary for total self-growth and the discovery of the higher self.

While they have entered a comfort zone inside themselves to ward off the pain, they have closed it to whatever soul mates who might enter their lives in the future. When they put up this shield, they have also cut off a very necessary part of their life's journey.

And why is this bad?

The reason is that, unknowingly, they have severed an important and vital part of their well-being. They have retreated within themselves to the point where finding love has no meaning anymore. And, in so doing, they have opened themselves to the prospects of getting stress-related diseases and losing what zest they have left in their lives.

In the case of Joseph, grieving is a natural process and one that should be completed before he even thinks about carrying on another relationship. If he were to jump right into a relationship, without going through the entire healing process, only disastrous results would occur.

However, in time, Joseph will heal and he will start to feel those old feelings of having someone to share his life with. Whether he acts on these impulses, it all depends on whether he is comfortable within himself to do so. This will take a lot of time for Joseph to come to this point, but he has to realize that shielding himself from his other soul mates is not going to help him heal.

By allowing these soul mates to enter his life, he will realize for what reason his deceased wife came into his life and left so abruptly. It's all a learning process and one in which Joseph needs to enter in order for him to release the negativity he is bestowing on himself in the name of grief.

Francine and Jennifer are merely products of bad relationships. Both figure what's the point? Until they release this negative thinking, they will bring this baggage into whatever future relationships that may be in stow for them and it will be a pattern they will continue until they realize that this negative thinking is what is preventing them from finding their true soul mates and finding the happiness they are looking for.

Baggage from past relationships shouldn't hinder you from giving up on finding your soul mate. Once you understand that they all served purposes towards your self-growth - even the bad ones - and you can work through the karma associated with it, you're that much closer to finding your higher self. It's your higher self where you find the life, the creativity and the love you deserve.

*names have been changed


Our Pet Pal, Loré Splitt, is away. We will see her upon her return!


The Shadow of Loneliness

by Barbara Carvallo

In your garden, filled with blooms, at your table, surrounded by friends, in your work place, buzzing with activity, do you ever see the faintest of shadows flit over the lawn or past a window freezing your heart strings and numbing your mind? That is loneliness, and it is no respecter of space or time.

Many of us have known the shadow's name since childhood. Other's come to know in the face of death, rejection or some other trauma. Once realized it is a thing that will not leave us, as if it were lonely itself and craving our company.

Loneliness casts pallor over hearts and minds, stipulating without reservation that we stand before blind eyes and speak to deaf ears. Kept in its company too long we become convinced of our own invisibility and inability to achieve the smallest of things. I suppose some call that depression. I do not. Depression is organic; loneliness is a byproduct of conditioning.

What else can you call it in a world where you are what you own, money is more important than life forms, the narrow criteria for physical attractiveness fits .2% of the population and there is no other kind of attractiveness accepted? It is disheartening to believe that the gifts you value most in yourself are of no value to the world, and the things the world values are meaningless to you. This is the crack in the door through which loneliness enters.

If you could set loneliness down and have a conversation with it, might it go something like this?

"Loneliness, I have a question for you."
"Why are you here?"
"You invited me."
"By accepting definitions that aren't yours."
"The world is what the world is, Loneliness."
"No, the world is what you make it. It is only a perception."

The Zen Master tells us that we can't change the world, we can only change the way we view the world and the world will change. Maybe, but it is easier said than done. We are bombarded daily, blasted and saturated with images, ideas and philosophies that are designed to minimize, marginalize and mutilate the self. When one can have no faith in the world and loses faith in the self this becomes the natural place for the therapy of the spiritual.

It is my belief that the rivers and gardens of the spirit world are the true reality. The flowers there speak, the rivers dance and the winds sing. There is truth there because we make the definition; the definitions do not make us. I have to return to the spirit world from time to time and try to decide where I bought into something deleterious without knowing it consciously. When did I decide that I couldn't write because I have never been published? When did I accept the idea that I owe my employers more loyalty and human consideration than they owe me? When did I seize upon the thought that because I am a middle-aged woman, in a society where I became obsolete with the onset of Cronehood, I have to work harder than everyone around me to be half as good? Silly questions, perhaps, but the kind of questions that make one isolated, frightened and lonely.

When I realize the boundaries of the question, the answer and solution are manageable. The flowers laugh, the wind roars and the river congratulates me. Back at my kitchen table the shadow drifts past my window and out through the crack in the door to where the cool, High Country air is stirring the sweet grass.

I almost hope the loneliness returns. Jung was right, you learn from shadows.

A little about Barbara:"I am 56 years old and live in Colorado with my beloved husband, Bradley, three cats and 40 rose bushes. I am a Master Gardener which means that I don't vacation, I garden. I don't party, I garden. I don't shop, I garden.


The Quantum Mind

by Cate Cavanagh

I think a lot. I also write alot about what I call a "mind shift". Briefly, this is a phenomenon that occurs as a result of concerted efforts made in realigning thoughts and perceptions in conjunction with appropriate action.

I have been in the darkest places of my shadow self where sorrow, lack of self esteem and hope blinded me to my own potential. I also faced illnesses that put me off the side of living for long periods of time during which it seemed my life was forever in limbo and I lacked the tools to jumpstart myself onto anything.

As a writer with a disability and a chronic pain patient for almost ten years I was faced yet again, when I learned of the disabling nerve disease I have, with a physical condition that challenged my self definition and and sense of self. The nightmare that is my shadow world was looming but I chose to not be defined by my disablity.

For the fourth time in my life I faced a real and potentially dangerous place healthwise. How did I move forward? How did I regain my sense of self and personal spirit power? Firstly, I got angry. For the many who follow my writings, anger is a theme that comes up often in my work. It comes up in my writings because I believe that anger, if caught before it becomes toxic and evolves into rage, can be a pwoerful tool for healing. The energy and power generated by anger, if redirected, can do amazing things. In addition to this, anger is a great motivator if we can only move beyond feeling sorry for ourselves. Anger also helps us see not only what we are upset about but also what we desire and discovering this, we can choose to do the productive thing--shifting our energies toward what we desire instead of languishing on the sidelines hoping to be rescued. Hoping to be rescued brings about nothing for the only ones that can rescue us from our challenges are ourselves.

The other thing I did was think of others more challenged than I--tsunami victims, New Orleans and yes, all those starving people our mothers always told us about. When I had days when it was painful for me to walk, I thought of those who could not walk at all and who would have gladly suffered my pain to be able to do so. It is all how we perceive our unique situations afterall.

The Tao teaches if you go about life without resistence, your path in life and the subtle joys it holds will come to pass. Yet, how many times do we resist blessings because we talk ourselves out of them by choosing instead to only see our hardships? These days life does seem harder than it has been for many years and many people are affected and yes, there is justification for the fears, anger and depression many have but, does this mean we must accept fear, anger and depresssion as the moment to moment yolk under which we bow?

The other day I was remembering a man from many years back...

I lived most of my life in Brooklyn, New York. I was an avid power walker as was a friend of mine. We would do out daily walks separately and then meet early on Sunday mornings to walk together in Prospect Park and then have breakfast. The first time we did this among the joggers and walkers there was a man who was hunched over with scoliosis and seriously palsied. He was struggling to keep his own pace and teetered on his feet as if to fall at any moment. My friend and I nodded to him and he back at us obviously pleased that he was doing this.

As the months passed, we saw him every Sunday morning in the park, walking. A bitter winter followed and we opted to sit out Sunday mornings but continued our own walking routines during the week. Some months passed and with spring coming in, we met one Sunday morning to resume our routine.

As we walked, we saw our "friend". He was totally different. He was no longer stooped over with scoliosis! Nor did he teeter on his feet anymore. He was walking quickly and proudly and he was transformed! As I remembered this man the other day, I connected the dots--he chose who he was to be. He simply decided to go out and walk and enjoy this activity for he was able to walk, even if arkwardly. Following the principle the Tao teaches, as he did what he enjoyed, he gained something more: incredible mobility and a straight back. Here is the example of a mind shift that only took a choice to enjoy being outside walking.

Imagine the mind shift that could happen for any of us, if we only tried. Imagine how, like this man, we might be empowered if we worked our own will a little bit more than we normally do!

What can we each do day to day to bring out a positive outcome even if it is unforeseen? This gentleman had no idea what he would gain when he began his walking regimen. How could he? He walked his own path, to his own drummer if you will, and discovered a new way of being.

Recently I began T'ai Chi in the hopes of maintaining what little flexibility I had in my spine. I had been on high doses of seizure medication for some years as seizure medication has proven effective for pain related to the nerve damage I suffer. Initially, even the briefest of mild workouts gave me soreness in addition to the numbing, burning pain that kept me awake for months and months at a clip, even with medication. By the second week, I noticed a sharp decrease in the pain that kept me up awake night after night after night. By the third week I chose to begin reducing my medication just to see what would happen. By the fourth week, I reduced it again. By the fifth week I made the goal of being medication free. As of today it has been three weeks since I stopped the medication completely!

What began for me as a form of stretching to tegain flexibility is now my regimen for pain control! Like that gentleman, I began with a simple goal and reaped a greater reward without trying. My mind began to shift and I chose a purpose-a goal which I never would have considered before.

Right now, twenty minutes a day keeps my pain manageable. These twenty minutes helped me move beyond my pain, which I never expected. It has also supported my conviction to not
identify myself as a victim of the nerve disease I have. In other words, I can now choose to be free of medication.

I am not saying T'ai Chi is the panacea for all things medical but what I am saying is that, for me, I gained more than controlling a painfully rigid spine. If I had not chosen to begin my regimen despite my pain, I would never have known this option.

There is also the power of the mind itself. Mother Myriam and I were talking about the mind recently and how if the mind believes the body will die, it will. Remember the "Matrix" movie? If the shadow self within the matrix died, the corporeal body would also. This is the power of the mind!

Sometimes we need to take a side trip and do something a little different in order to discover an unfolding of a good, new experience- like that gentleman in the park, like my T'ai Chi empowering my mind to better control my pain, like experiencing a little something unique that will enable us to know what a "mind shift" is.

Like that gentlemen who discovered freedom from his palsied state by accident, we can find ourselves in the middle of a mind shift and find ourselves refusing to accepting of our chllenges if we would only refuse to be our own victims.

Sometimes we need to meander to just see what if.....

It has been said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" (Negro College Fund) but I say a mind shift is a terrible thing not to choose.

Please note: I do no endorse stopping medical care. Medical care in conjunction with alternative professional help can be very beneficial. Keep in mind I am an adept at quantum work and formed this discipline based on many years of development.


There have been times in my life where mental clutter was ruling my life. As a person who is bi-polar mental clutter (or issues and worries) can take on a life of its own.

Mental ruminating disrupted my sleep on many occasions and invaded otherwise beuatiful days making me my own enemy as I fought to find mental calm.

As a result of this I sought to empty out the vessel that was my mind through meditation. My problem as a bi polar person is that meditation often opened my mind to have the very thoughts I wanted to quell race through my mind even more.

All I wanted was to not keep thinking the same thing! If you are bi-polar, you know what I am talking about. If you are not, you might know someone who has said the same thing.

But, being a Quantum Metaphysician leaves me impatient because afterall I know better now. Ah, if I only knew then what I know now! *wink*

What I know now is how to take that mental break!

In all meditation forms, breathing is extremely important so this quantum exercise to relieve the restless mind does rely on breathing technique as well.

Learning to breathe properly relaxes the body and relieves tension and here is how you begin. Sit or lay quietly. Slowly breathe in through your nose and then slowly out through your mouth. In the beginning try to do this to a count of "fifteen" to breathe in and fifteen to breathe out. If you are unable to do this, do the best you can. Eventually you will be able to breathe in for thirty seconds and out for thirty seconds without feeling uncomfortable.

As you are mastering this simple technique, you can begin to work on clearing the mind as well. In the beginning you do not have to attempt to do both. If you are very stressed out, this can be difficult so work these two technique separately and then begin doing them together when you feel ready.

To clear the mind, sit or lay quietly and simply think of the color black. You are using the mind to envision nothing but keep in mind the mind cannot hold two thoughts at the same time.

At first your mind mind may jump from the color black to a thought and back again. This is perfectly fine. In time, you will be able to hold the thought of the color black for longer periods of time.

Eventually, when you begin to feel stress you will be able to fall upon this mental black out as an escape. This in conjunction with mastering the technique will in time enable you to control what you think about!


Now put focus into your desires by routinely doing The Quantum Mantra:

I see it, I smell it, I taste it, I hear it, I OWN IT!


The Courage to Keep On Singing

© 2006 Kim Loftis

Like most Americans, I can vividly remember almost every detail of the day the twin towers fell. That evening, I wept uncontrollably, unable to fathom the tragedy that had befallen my beloved country. I felt afraid, helpless, and, most of all, totally hopeless.

Yet, in the face of such an unspeakable tragedy, the American people stood together in order to rebuild our lives and mend our broken hearts. Once again, we were able to find our voice as a nation, and raise it Heavenward.

This morning, it was again demonstrated to me just how wonderful and downright tenacious nature, and the human spirit, is! I was awakened by a tremendous storm. Lightning streaked madly across a blackened sky, thunder rattled the windows, and the rain gushed in torrents. The wind picked up, snapping off limbs and branches and causing general chaos.

As the storm cleared and the sun began to peek over the horizon, the birds began their lovely morning chorus, lifting their sweet voices heavenward in joyous
song. When the huge gusts of wind seemed to threaten to blow them straight off of their perches, they still sang as joyously as ever before. The wind and weather wasn't a deterrent to their song, and didn't dampen their joy in the slightest.

We can take a lesson from these birds, and from the Sept. 11 tragedy. No matter which way the wind blows us in life, no matter the violence of the storms or the fierceness of the lightning strikes, no matter what burning buildings we are forced to walk out of, let us always remember that we, like those precious birds, were put here with a song to sing. Our road may not be smooth all the time, but let us not forget the importance of singing our song, of discovering and fulfilling our life's purpose, and of brightening our world in whatever way we can. God placed us here to raise our voices in joyous song. Let us sing for all we're worth!