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Cate Cavanagh, Author and Metaphysician and Occult Consultant for the Media and Individuals

THE NEWSLETTER, Vo. 1, Issue 5 Copyright Aug. 6, 2006

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In this issue:
Columnist links, QUANTUM prayer list, Award winning author Kim Robinson and more summer recipes, Theresa Chaze, Barbara Cavallo, Soulmate Queen Dorothy Thompson, Mother Myriam Maytorena, Kim Loftis, Lillian Caudlwell and Ron Berry!


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As a result of requests for prayer requests for success I decided to add a QUANTUM CIRCLE for this purpose.

For now, the Quantum Circle prayer is to simply pray for members to successfully reap benefits from the "seeds" they have planted.

For members who are struggling, pray these members' situations improve. For those who have been in school and are looking for work, pray these members find work. For members who are worrying about financing their education or that of their children, pray they find resources!

In short, pray that all the members of our Quantum family find comfort, peace and financial gain!

My late mother-in-law used to say, you take out of your pocket what you put in. If we pray for each other, we will each see our own miracles!

As time goes by, if you experience positive change in any way, please drop me an email. I won't give you name (unless you want me to!)


Take ribs (your choice--pork or beek) and steaks and mix with yogurt and some fresh crushed garlic, seasoning salt, a little smoke sauce and green peppercorns in brine chili and lime salt. Slather it all over the meat in a glass container
and cover it. Put it in the fridge over night. Fire up the grill and put the meat on the fire. The yogurt cooks away
leaving the meat so tender that you will not believe it.


Changing Light

By Barbara Carvallo

In summer the late afternoon light in Colorado is buttery rich, stepping softly through gold and rose colors toward lavender at dusk. Gardeners watch this light for signs of storm, excessive heat or subtle air pressure changes that can mean high, drying wind or even tornado out on the plains. In all honesty, I suppose it is an impression more often felt than seen. A good gardener feels the earth, the life on it, the air and the coming rain.

The finest gardener that I ever knew was my Papa. Sometimes in that lazy light show just before evening which he observed like ritual, I sense that he is still with me. It is as if he is off in the distance, bending over a rose and speaking to her in Italian because as he insisted roses don't speak English--. a fact that would certainly be news to the British rose growing public.

Of all the roses Papa grew, well over sixty, his favorite was the Peace Rose. Cloud like, snowy white petals held the gold, rose and lavender of that amazing light within their bloom. He also loved the story of the rose. He often told me how she came from Paris, as a seedling, hidden away in a diplomatic attaché's case the night before Hitler invaded France. She was called the Peace Rose in the hope of peace to come, and it did. He helped win that peace and spent the rest of his life dying from his wartime sacrifice.

Papa treasured the light and the rose because they revitalized him with the vibrant splendor of life. No two afternoons were ever the same, no two roses were ever the same, no two summers were ever the same, and that was good. He would remind me in times of change and loss, "Don't stare at what you lost, you will miss what you got. You lose it all then, kid."

I remember when I first began to take care of my own garden, many years after he died, I realized that he had given me an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom about gardening which I had memorized without truly understanding. He meant it to be that way I think. He was a big believer in learning to do and doing to learn. Papa used to say, "Kid, gardening ain't no classroom subject .
Ggot to get dirty, got to get wet or the garden don't respect ya."

Respect was the currency with which my father negotiated in life. If you want the earth to yield food or beauty, you work as hard as the earth and show respect. That is the first rule of gardening he taught me.

The second rule was where there is soil there is hope. My father's heart was filled with hopefulness in the early spring, and a childlike anticipation in the fall. In the winter he planned new gardens and new additions to old ones. Twice daily, regardless of snow or freeze, he was outside talking to his roses. Papa had a faithfulness and loyalty to the life he was stewarding in the garden, as he had a faithfulness and loyalty to me. He used to joke about the roses being my little sisters. He was our father, our earth father.

At high summer people would come from all over the neighborhood to see his roses and the "little green people" he put around them to keep them company: Potentilla groundcover with tiny yellow and pink blooms, Corsican Violas and Little Johnny Ups.

"Would it be alright if we looked at Albert's roses?" They would ask shyly.

"Sure," I would answer and watch them walk toward the back gate gingerly as if not wanting to disturb a single perfect plant along the way.

On those long ago afternoons with the light beginning to change they would stare transfixed at the array of color spread from one fence to another. Blooms in many shades of crimson, purple, orange, lemon, peach and cotton-candy white, kissed by the loving sun tenderly wafted their scent to the summer breeze.

"Tell Albert thank you." The neighbors always seemed a little happier when they left.

"Papa, the neighbors where by again today. They said to thank you for letting them see the roses."

"They should thank the roses," he always answered matter-of-factly.

"Why, Papa?"

"If the roses don't like ya they won';t let ya see 'em."

When I was a child I believed these kinds of statements prima facia. When I got a little older I began to wonder if Papa wasn't spending too much time in the sun. Then I realized that he was speaking in metaphor. There are people from whom the roses hide within the dawn, the sunset and the many kinds light in between. These are the people who can't see anything but themselves and while their retina may register the presence of a rose or the sun they don't feel it, not the way Papa did. One must feel them to truly see them, that was his most important rule of all.

My father had an 8th grade education. He spent his whole life working hard for a laborer's pay. Like many people who learned English as a second language, he was very discourteous to his verbs and adverbs. Still and all, he was the richest, brightest, best man that I ever knew. As lavender evening deepens one shade at a time into purple night I often hear my father singing his beloved Puccini, in a voice very unlike Pavarotti's, singing his prayers of gratitude for one more day of life, the roses and the ever changing light.


The Passionate Life by Mother Myriam Maytorena

"Never underestimate the power of passion." Eve Sawyer

Are you living a passionate life? Or, are you following the crowd and allowing life to happen to you? It takes a great deal of courage to decide that you are in charge of how your life evolves whether in love and relationships or in career and work. If you feel that your passions in the various areas of your life seems to have grown quiet and you are languishing rather than growing, it is time to take charge again.

We all have times of quietness in our lives but this is not the road to joy and exhilaration that we crave for living a life of bliss. Joseph Campbell wrote that man does not need to find a meaning to life but he must create it. How we create this meaning is to become passionately involved in everything that we do. Whether doing a job or task or how we engage others in friendship or love. Love only has meaning when driven by a passion to express and feel love to the fullest. Work only has meaning when driven by a passion to express our best.

As you work to awaken the passion in your life you will discover greater joy and greater understanding that you are more powerful than you ever believed. This does not mean that you have to strive for fame or material greatness but that you must express your being by being fully engaged in that which gives you pleasure. You may have a passion for gardening or for decorating your home. You may have a passion for cooking and serving others. You may have a passion for music. Passion is more than sensual expression of love of another although this is a good thing. Passion is to find sensuality and expression in actions that bring you joy.

Many times when we have been hurt we withdraw into self and feel a sense of a lowering of self-esteem and thus a reluctance to go forward in life with passion. Take a risk today and rediscover the joy that comes from living a life that is passion filled.

Myriam Maytorena

Your Life Is A Mirror
Myriam Maytorena, M.Ed

"It is an orderly universe and the suffering that comes to us has a purpose in our lives, it is trying to teach us something. We should look for it's lesson." - Peace Pilgrim

Look around you. The world is reflecting what you believe. The world is reflecting to you, what and who you are. If you are not happy with what's going on around you, the type of people you attract or your physical surrounds, stop trying to change the world and change who you are.

Where is your focus? For most people the answer to this question lies in the outside world. Your external focus leads to unhappiness and a continual search for an elusive and indefinable state of being. The outside world or the world around you is a mirror of yourself, your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts. The key to shaping and changing your situation is to focus on changing yourself. Look within.

Often people are searching for happiness. It is expressed as (.....) will make me happy. I will be happy when(.....). It is often material possessions and/or a soul mate that people believe will fulfill their desire and make them whole. The focus in both cases is external. Before you can form loving and intimate relationships you need to take care of and love yourself. You earn as much as your inner worth dictates, you are treated the way your beliefs allow and the perfect partner cannot be found until you acknowledge that you are perfect because your partner reflects you.

Your soul chooses to manifest into the physical body you have today, to create, express and experience. To be happy and whole you need to:

1. Express and nurture yourself.

As a human being you need to express yourself. Expression means doing what you want to do, what you feel you have to do and showing the world who you are as an individual. This is often cloaked in an emotional cloud. Your path can be obscured by the powerful 'should' word. People often spend lifetimes doing what they should do as expressed by the wishes of their parents or society. "What will my parents think if I am the singer in a rock and roll band instead of a lawyer or doctor". Find what you want to do as expressed by your soul. This is how you find your power.

Living a life that denies expression and your inner feelings means that you are not nurturing yourself and that you are suppressing your feelings. Suppression gives away your power. When you give your power to others it enables them to have undue influence over you. When people have too much power and influence over you and subconsciously you are not doing what you want, you feel helpless and victimized. This causes you to be frightened and angry. Anger is a symptom of your loss of power.

The easiest way to suppress feelings is to medicate. Drugs including alcohol and the use of food are popular methods employed. Emptiness, boredom and disease are the results of this process. Not doing what you want means you are not nurturing yourself this again may manifest in the abuse of food, alcohol or sex. The substance or behavior becomes a substitute for nurturing.

2. Love yourself and accept yourself as you are.

You need to accept yourself and to love yourself as you are today. All of us have thoughts and feelings and everyone has, or has had, what they consider 'bad' thoughts. We have all done things that we are ashamed of.

There is both positive and negative in you. This is also known as light and dark. You must acknowledge and accept your dark side to become whole. No matter what you have done in the past you can change your behavior today. It is pointless to wallow in your feelings of guilt as this is based on the assumption that what you did was wrong. Your behavior always has a positive intent for you, at the time.

Acknowledgment of your dark side brings light.

Here is an exercise I read in a Louise Hay book. Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and say "(your name), I love and accept you just the way you are." Do this everyday.

3. Set boundaries and live within them.

Boundaries are what defines your world. Many people don't have them because:

1. They have not thought about, what they want.
2. They have defined boundaries but fail to live within them.

You need to define what is acceptable and what is not, then you need to live by this.

Here is a simple example. You work for a grumpy boss. He is rude and raises his voice to you. This happens regularly and it is not important for this example how you respond. You are unhappy and express this with negative talk to your peers. Why are you unhappy? You do not live within your boundary. You understand that this is not acceptable behavior. Your boss continues because he can.

Expressing to him in a calm manner, that you do not accept and will not put up with this behavior is setting a boundary. To live within, is to take action. He may stop or you may leave and work somewhere else.

Not living within your boundaries is a major source of unhappiness.

4. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

The world around you is a mirror. It's a mirror of everything that you think and believe. These thoughts and beliefs are what have built your world. What you think and expect, you get. The choices that are made moment to moment in what you think and how you behave creates your world. Look around you, into your mirror and note what you wish to change. Turn the focus within and find what this is reflecting in you. Change this aspect of you. Your world will change.

Blaming others and circumstance for your situation means you are not taking responsibility and ownership of and for yourself. Again the focus is on the external. This denial of ownership leads to a victim mentality and allows you to let the world roll by and circumstance to guide you. You will feel helpless as a result.

Don't try to change the mirror. Change yourself.

You radiate with an energy and vibrate to a certain frequency. This vibration is set by the thoughts and beliefs you have, coupled with the emotions that surround you. Your vibration attracts like vibrations. This happens all the time with out you even thinking about the process. You will change when you change something in yourself and you become a different person. Your world changes automatically because it is a reflection of you.

This is a great indictor for you and needs to be embraced and cherished. It is a simple process but not always easy.

To take ownership means to acknowledge that you are responsible for who you are and what you have around you. You have a choice in everything you do.

You can change your whole life with these four simple points.

Love and acceptance. The expression of who you are. Living within your boundaries and ownership of your life. This is about your direction and needs. Be assertive, you will no longer feel helpless and you will regain control.
Walk in the light but do not fear the darkness.

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Poetic Sense!

An excerpt from TO ALTHEA FROM PRISON by Richard Lovelace

Stone walls do not a prison make
Nor iron bars a cage;
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for an hermitage;
If I have freedom in my love
And in my soul am free,
Anngels alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty.

What is making your prison and what are your "bars" made of? Reflect on what you require to be free within your soul! Give yourself a self-truth test. Dare to know!


Here is a personal share from Kim Loftis. thank you Kim. I know many will be comforted.

My much-loved maternal grandfather passed over on Saturday, July 29, 2006. His funeral was held on Tuesday, August 1, and the burial, (at which I performed the hymn, "How Great Thou Art"), was held the next morning. My grandfather was 91, and lived a long and full life, but was in a great deal of physical pain during the last few weeks of his life. I'll miss him, but at the same time, I am greatly relieved that he has now passed out of that pain.

Grief, like death, is a part of life, and a part of the healing process. Do not be ashamed for your grief. It is normal, and it is necessary in order
to heal. I encourage you to give your pain and unhappiness over to God, however you choose to see or worship God. Our Creator is a benevolent, loving
and gentle caretaker, who will not only care for our departed loved-ones, but for us as well. God will help us through our grief, if we only allow God
to do so.

This too shall pass. One day we will be able to smile again, laugh again, and remember our dear ones with only love and joy. Oh yes, there may always
be an empty space in our hearts. But I encourage you to fill that empty space up with love, joy and precious memories. Your loved-ones are at peace...
free... happy. They ask you to enjoy those same beautiful emotions. They love you now, as they have always loved you.

My spirit guide, Finola, once channeled a beautiful message on the subject of grief and grieving, which I'd like to share here. I hope it brings you comfort in times of grief, as it has for me.

Thursday, March 2, 2006
Channeled through Kim

Beloved readers, what an honor it is to speak with you this morning. Dear ones, I understand the shattering grief that often comes upon you after the loss of someone dear to your heart. Many times when you lose someone you love to an illness or accident, you feel as if you have been set adrift upon an unfriendly sea of uncertainty. Though others may try to comfort you, you are embittered by their attempts, for you feel as if no one can possibly understand your pain.

Beloveds, I encourage you to turn into the safety and security of God's loving embrace during such periods of grief. God knows that you feel lost and alone. Though you feel adrift on unfriendly and turbulent seas, God will allow no harm to come to you. Rest in God's gentle presence. Be not afraid. Allow yourself to grieve, for there is no shame in grieving! Do not regret your need for grief, for like death itself, it is simply a part of life, and part of your healing process.

Sweet readers, your loved ones never truly leave you. They are never taken from you. They have simply gone to other realms where they can rest and be joyous. They are now free from pain, from bitterness, from anger, and from all other negative or traumatic emotions that they may have dealt with during their Earthly lives. If you argued with them before their passing, or left important words unsaid, fear not. For your departed dear ones know your hearts
true feelings and genuine emotions. Forgive yourself, as they forgive you. Love yourself, as they love you.

Again I say, be unafraid. This grief, like all things, too shall pass. One day you will be able to look back upon your dear loved ones with only love, only laughter, only joy. Do not rush the grieving process. Allow it to play out for you as it needs to do so. You may always feel an empty space within your heart, but I ask you to allow that space to be filled with love... to be filled with light... to be filled with kindness and gentleness, for yourself
and for All.

I wish you a day to be gentle upon yourself and others. I leave you with my eternal love.


You can read many more comforting and inspiring messages from Finola, by subscribing to the Yahoo group, at:


Kathleen Gray Pain back, hips with possible bone spurs. Extreme exhaustion. Thus far there no answers for the exhaustion. She is also having unexplained teeth pain.

Herb -- Diabedes

Lycorenna -- Pains in her breasts and kidneys. Also fibroids

"Rex"Jordan-Facing another bout of cancer. This time, of the brain. Currently, he is battling the dreadful side effects of his chemo-horribly low white blood count. Please focus on this. Also help his wife, Sheri. She needs help in dealing with this situation.

"Tina" who lost all of her children in a horrible car crash on Thanksgiving. She is suffering from an understable and dangeous depression.

Please continue prayers for Mr. Homer "Doc" Childers.(Cancer)Pray for his wife, Reita. This is not helping her blood pressure and she is suffering from understandable depression.

Pat Kneffler and family members: Andy Baechel, Mariah Baechel, and Mariah's brother...John

Christine Hertling- a "spot" was found on her kidneys and is being tested further.

Gerard Amoia- 13 y.o.: developed kidney stones and is undergoing further testing.

Gerard's mom, Christine: that she remain cancer free after her second bout some years back.

Hazel Little who sleeps alot...Her daughter Lea believes she is crossing the veil in her sleep to be with her husband who passed into the Summerland 10 years. Also prayers for Hazel's daugther, Shelley Little.

Colin Robinson- that he remain cancer free.

Sheilah Whaley and Voncile Howard--both in Iraq. Quantum Columnist, Kim Robinson is caring for their child.

Emma Longo- pain in hip and back

Michael Scotto- recovery from intestinal surgery

Mary D'Orazio- Blood disorder

Pete Romano- nervousness, stomach problems

Mary Romano- Blood disorder

Mabel Evans- diabetic- double amputee- kidney

Betty Semplicino- doing better fro mini strokes -new medic

Pray for our military and their families.

Please pray for world peace!

Please pray for the hungry, ill, suffering, elderly and others who are unable for themselves. Please pray for the mentally ill and prisoners!

Please pray for our Earth and the environment!

Quantum healing at work! Keep the prayers coming!


For a lot of people this summer has been challenging. Many have lost loved ones, others suffered flooding conditions and still others are in areas that suffered fire creating draught! I know few people who have not been challenged this summer for any number of reasons and the loss, fear and confusion can be overwhelming.

The quantum exercise I offer right now is this:

Remember, you are not abandoned! You are all part of a spiritual network of healers, lightworkers, Shamans and Witches that pray daily for imporovement in the human condition, for those in sorrow, for those in the military and YES...this means prayers are going out for all of you and me (us) everyday.

Secondly, remember to reach out to your Creator, God, Goddess or dieties as you believe them to be and ask for strength from them. They have more than enough to help us all!

Thirdly, speak into the quantum field! Just as we can create new situations for ourselves that will benefit us, we can also banish our fears and doubts and worries into the quantum field to be nullified and replaced with that which we need.

This is very simple. Whenever you feel upset or just weary, SPEAK! Say something like ,"I do not need or want these fears and worries and release them into the cleaning fields of the quantum. I call unto myself strength, power and will from the quantum field and claim all the seeds of my good works be realized and returned to me!

A Witchy recommendation from me: Cut off a piece of your hair (not much). Put it into water you have consecrated or blessed or water you have received from a church etc that you have faith in. Put this lock of hair into the water and say everyday, "This is as far as worry and fear will get! Into my mind it will not come." Do this everyday and your ability to handle your challenges will improve!

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Outside the Square

By Dorothy Thompson

I was sitting in my sanctuary in my back yard contemplating the world's mysteries and minding my own business when a fellow neighbor walked up to me and started a conversation. As he looked a little distressed, I invited him into my little spiritual oasis and offered him a cup of coffee. He graciously accepted and sat down in one of the cushioned chairs, albeit slightly uneasy. I could tell by looking at him that he was troubled and I asked him what the matter was. He sighed, took a sip of his coffee and began to tell me how much he was becoming disillusioned with work and the whole scheme of things. It seemed that the bottom line of the matter was that he was tired of pulling the weight for his family and wanted out.

"Elmer," I said, "how long have you been married?"
"Too long," was his reply. "I'm working two jobs while she's sitting home, doing nothing. The spark has gone out of my marriage and I see no other alternative than to end it."

He took a sip of his coffee and put it back down on the patio table. The worry in his eyes was evident and I felt the urge to fix things, as was my nature when it comes to helping people not only find their soul mates, but keep them as well.

"Elmer," I began, "when I tell you this, you have to keep in mind that I'm telling you from a professional standpoint and not as a friend. You understand, don't you?"
"I'm listening," he said.
"You remember when you married Fran and all the world was a happy and blissful place?" I asked him.
"Sure, I remember."
"What has happened here is that when you first got married, you had the tendency to think 'outside of the square,' I said.
"Outside of the square?"
"Yes, instead of focusing on yourself, you took on responsibilities such as caring for your family and all those other obligations that entails when one agrees to marry. You put your own needs aside to make sure that your wife and children were well cared for. What has happened is reality crashed down upon you and you have no inner resources left in which to restore things to the way they were. Basically, Elmer, you're a walking time bomb, ready to explode anytime and it doesn't have to be that way."
"It doesn't?"
"Of course, it doesn't. It's time to think 'inside the square,' Elmer. It's time you focused on what makes you happy in order to make the rest of your family happy."
"You've got a point there," he said.
"You've got to begin with what makes Elmer happy," I continued. "Look at you. You're working two jobs and you come home and all you can do is eat a little dinner and go to bed. Then, you get back up and do it all over again. It's no wonder that you're distressed. What we have here, Elmer, is not disillusionment with your marriage; it's disillusionment with yourself and you don't even realize it."
"But, I have to work two jobs," he interrupted. "There's the mortgage, the kid's college tuition, car payments..."
"Elmer, stop right there," I interrupted. "What you are doing is looking 'outside of the square' again. Look 'inside of the square' and what do you see?"

Elmer stopped and thought for a moment. "I see someone who wants good things in life," he said. "I see not having to worry over bills and having a chance to enjoy life instead of always fretting over what's going to get paid this month and what isn't."
"Okay, Elmer," I said, "what can you do to make this happen for you?"
"Tell my wife to get a job?"
"Yes, that would certainly help, but we're not talking about your wife right now; we're talking about you. What can you do for yourself to keep your marriage alive and become a happier person within?"
"Accept the things I cannot change and focus on the things I can?"
"And how do you do that?" I asked.
"By looking 'inside the square' and not blaming others for my unhappiness?"

Elmer is but one of the millions of people in the world that think running away from their problems is the solution to finding happiness within themselves. And they're dead wrong. Running away only prolongs the problem and, in fact, can intensify the very problem that you need to fix. Once Elmer understands what he has to fix about himself, only positive energy will flow, which will eradicate the negativities in his life.

I saw Elmer a week later while I was pruning my shrubs and he stopped for a bit to tell me his good news.

"I just have to tell you," he said, out of breath. "I took your advice and started thinking 'inside the square.' I took up cycling like I used to do in my twenties. After that, I told my wife that from now on, I'm going to do this twice a week. She looked at me in astonishment, but then said, 'Elmer, that's wonderful!' I was so surprised that she would approve of this. After that, I joined a gym and chewed the fat with my buddies there. I've never been happier!"
"That's wonderful, Elmer," I said. "And, how is your marriage?"
"Oh, that's the best part," he said, excitedly. "My wife looks at me like I'm a new man. It seems my positive attitude was contagious and even her own attitude has changed. She's thinking of joining me for a long-distance cycling trip to the mountains! And, even better than that, she's willing to join me for a budgeting class so that we can manage our bills better!"
"I'm so happy for you, Elmer," I said. "Just remember this: whenever things start getting bad, think 'inside the square' and do something good for yourself. The positive attitude will offset any negative energies that might arise and through bonding with your wife again, you will find that over time, it can only get better."

I watched Elmer walk back to his house and it could have been my imagination, but I do believe there was a step in his gait that wasn't there before.

Sometimes life gets in the way of maintaining a positive outlook on life, but if you stop for a moment and "fix" things within your own self, everything will come together not only for you, but for the loved ones in your family, too!

© Dorothy Thompson

Dorothy Thompson is a syndicated "soul mate" relationship columnist and compiler/editor of the book that is going to change the way we view soul mates, ROMANCING THE SOUL--TRUE STORIES OF SOUL MATES FROM AROUND THE WORLD AND BEYOND. She is also the author of the ebook, "How to Find and Keep Your Soul Mate." For more information, visit www.dorothythompson.net.


Beacons of the New Generation
Theresa Chaze

There is a song called Man in Motion--St. Elmo's Fire, which is sung by John Parr in the movie, St. Elmo's Fire. Although it most likely wasn't the author's intention, this song summarizes many of the spiritual challenges of the mid to late baby boomers--those who were born in the mid 1950's to early 1960's. This generation was born to help the cross over time as the Age of Aquarius started to become a reality. As children, we were too young to be hippies and to march in the protest movements; as teenagers, that time had passed. Yet, we always felt there was so much more to be had in life and we sought it out in spite of the criticisms of our elders. We weren't afraid to question or experiment. Called the "Me" generation, we fought to be come individuals; many of us succeeded even with the stylized dancing of disco. We were no longer willing to accept traditions as inevitable. Our relationships were freer and more open. Our generation was more willing to take chances in life and to explore other points of view. Bigotry was put under the microscope as we asked why and demanded answers. No longer were limitations, which past generations placed on culture, knowledge, sex and religion, set in stone. There was more out there and we wanted to experience it all.

As souls, we came at this time to prepare the way for the releasing of the old patterns to make room for the new age. Which is why many of us were born into situations where we didn't find comfort or support. We were brought into circumstances, which would test our metal and temper our wisdom with compassion. In childhood, we would tearfully ask why the people who were supposed love us were the ones hurting us the most. We couldn't fit into the old molds, so we were physically, emotional and spiritually brutalized for being ourselves. On TV, there was the Brady Bunch, the Cleaver family, Donna Reed Show, and all the other shows that taught us how the family tragedies being worked out with compassion and acceptance. We saw how easy it was to nurture and care for family members and asked why not me? Instead, we grew up with abuse, criticism and misunderstandings--all because we wanted to be ourselves and not be forced into the cookie cutter pattern our parents wanted.

Growing up, you don't see the writing on the wall
Passing by, moving straight ahead, you knew it all
But maybe sometime if you feel the pain
You'll find you're all alone, everything has changed
Play the game, you know you can't quit until it's won
Soldier on, only you can do what must be done
You know in some way you're a lot like me
You're just a prisoner and you're tryin' to break free

This stanza talks about being born with an expectation of being provide and protected only to find that was an error. But each person had to keep fighting to survive and grow even if it was painful, because giving up is not an option. Yet the pain was necessary. Without we couldn't have become the person we needed to be in order to accomplish our future tasks. Every person is unique with specific goals and lessons to be learned in this lifetime in order to create the planetary spiritual awakening. At the time, we felt alone on our quest--that we were the only one who knew or understood our pain. But there were others who were walking similar paths; at the time, we didn't know we weren't alone and didn't know how to connect with others.


I can see a new horizon underneath the blazing sky
I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future's lyin', St. Elmo's Fire

The chorus gives hope and the expectation that there is a reason for the pain. Eagles are known as the messengers of the Divine; they are the ones that point the way to the future and new wisdom. The child needs to keep looking forward to the future even though the present is heartbreaking. St. Elmo's Fire is the luminous greenish-blue glow that appears around grounded metal objects; it is created by the constant flow of small sparks during electrical storms. Just like the storm creates new energy currents with the clashing of atoms, so does the strife in a child's life build up the inner strength it will need to gain independence from its parents and society's expectations.

Burning up, don't know just how far that I can go (just how far I go)
Soon be home, only just a few miles down the road
I can make it, I know I can
You broke the boy in me, but you won't break the man
I can see a new horizon underneath the blazing sky
I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future's lyin', St. Elmo's Fire

This was the testing time of the teens and the twenties. By not giving up or giving in to others, we built a life and a bases of society that was more willing accept us for who we are, not for what others want us to be. Living through the strife in our childhood, has made us stronger and more unwilling to give up what we have gained. By claiming our power and independence, we began creating a world based on respect and acceptance of uniqueness. We can make this planet a home for all as long as we are willing to keep moving forward and not be stuck in the narrow-mindedness of the past.

I can climb the highest mountain, cross the wildest sea
I can feel St. Elmo's Fire burnin' in me, burnin' in me
Just once in his life
A man has his time
And my time is now
I'm coming alive
I can hear the music playin', I can see the banners fly
Feel like you're back again, and hope ridin' high
Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future's lyin', St. Elmo's Fire

It describes the challenges our generation has already faced down and conquered. As we reached the thirty and forty something years, we started coming into our power and started taking charge. No longer a child or apprentice, we claimed our right to choose our own destiny and life path by taking power away from the previous generations. As more of the "Me" generation awakens and comes together, they become more like sparks created during a thunderstorm until at last like St. Elmo's Fire and they become beacons of the future. This is where we are at now politically, socially and spiritually. We fought and won our individual battles; it's now time to come together to win the war. The Age of Aquarius is dawning; it is time to awaken and become the beacons we were destined to be.

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As you all know by now we have working long hours and in the heat to reclaim what we can of our property which was damaged in the flooding.

Truth be told, we were blessed. Although the waters reached four to five feet high, raging at eighty-five miles an hour, we lost no beloved animal people nor did my husband, Ralph, sustain any injuries when caught home alone when this ocurred.

Unlike many others in our area, we still had our home. Among those that lost their homes(there was a trgedy with one young soul) left moments before flood waters crashed into their homes. They survived. Others survived because of the rescue efforts of neighbors and ironically because the two "local bad boys" stole a boat and used it to save 26 people! "Angels" can indeed be anyone.

For all of you who kept us all in your thoughts, I want to say thank you!

I would like to recall a joke I know most of us have seen circulated around the web and on our groups. The joke goes like this (more or less).

A man prays to God to win the lottery. Day after day he pleads to win the lottery so he can be salvaged from the hardship that is his life. He spends his whole life supplicating, praying, asking and pleading.

In time, with prayers unanswered, he dies. He goes to Heaven where his God meets him and the man asks this of God:

"All my life I prayed to you to win the lottery. Day and night I prayed and pleaded. Please answer me this: Why didn't you answer my prayer?"

God replied, "You didn't buy a ticket".

How many of us pray, plead and hope for a change in our circumstances and yet do nothing to plant seeds to help put possibilities on our path?

Pagans recently observed Lammas (also known by other names), a time in the summer which is bittersweet for the summer season will soon end but the fruits of labor will soon be reaped in the upcoming harvest.

Symbolically autumn is also bittersweet for similar reasons. Winter is not far behind and lifestyles will change with the cold and harsh weather but, both of these seasons can be ones in which the seeds we have planted may begin to harvest.

What seeds may we have planted for ourselves? The seeds of self forgiveness, embracing healthier eating, offering more compassion to those less fortunate, praying for peace or for others and so many other intent-motivated "seeds".

If you seek a new job, did you send out resumes?

All of these things are like "buying a lottery ticket" because unless we invest a little of ourselves and our hopes with action, what can we hope to reap from passivity?

So I would ask you to reflect on the seeds you planted this season and what do you hope to reap? Of course, it is never too late to "plant seeds" within the quantum field. The quantum field has no seasons as we know and, as such, can encourage the rapid germination, growth and reaping of our hopes.

Don't be like that man who never got a lottery ticket.
Don't forget to plant your seeds!

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