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Cate Cavanagh, Author and Metaphysician and Occult Consultant for the Media and Individuals

THE NEWSLETTER! Volume 1, Issue 1



Since the announcment of this newsletter went out recently, a new columnist will be writing for us! She is The Pet Pal, Loré Splitt!

And now, here is THE NEWSLETTER!

In This Issue:

Crabs In The Bucket by Mother Myriam Maytorena

Food For The Soul by Kim Robinson

Are You Willing To Change Your Address? by Theresa Chaze

The Use And Poer Of Candles In Prayer by Cate Cavanagh

Introducing The Pet Pal, Loré Splitt

Half-Moon Sagas by humorist Ron Berry

I am the Oz and the Powerful, by The soulmate Queen, Dorothy Thompson

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Welcome to THE NEWSLETTER! You all know me and have visited my website so I know you have absolutely no idea of what to expect with THE NEWSLETTER!

THE NEWSLETTER will inform and jump start your brain into doing what I like to call a "mind shift." As you know from the announcment I sent out last week, we have amazing thinkers and writers contributing to THE NEWSLETTER. In addition to offering insightful articles on their areas of expertise, THE NEWSLETTER reflects QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY,The Science of Change. The Science of Change also demands being whole and this includes humor, enjoying the senses with food, smells and ambiance because so many of us become so burdened with "reality" we forget how to allow the mind to relax and enjoy. We will learn to savor of cooking, how to light a candle for effective prayer, how to change our behaviors that come not from within ourselves but from outside sources. Here, we will begin to learn we can rewire our thinking so many others have short circuited.

As THE NEWSLETTER comes out there will be many ideas for setting your desires into what I like to call "the quantum field" but, for now enjoy the first issue and don't think twice about sending in suggestions for articles. This is your newsletter! So send suggestions to: quantumspirituaity@yahoo.com

That our worlds intersect from time to time is a wonderful statement of our universal citizenship. With all the places and people that surround us and permeate us with their projections of fear and anger, THE NEWSLETTER is our place to both relax and focus on ourselves!

By now my first book, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, is in the hands of many people that have followed my work over the years. I must say I was overwhelmed when I found out people have been following me! I have to say it feels good to know people are "behind me" but the truth is I write because I am behind people- I am behind their dreams, hopes, visions of change and the love and caring they give to many in their worlds.

But I am not the only one in your corner! In addition to my free book, there are others! Go to catecavanagh.net where you will find the books offered by Mother Myriam Maytorena and HP Theresa Chaze. A group of writers have also put together a free book about what it is to be a writer! Send your requests for pdf copies to: quantumspirituality@yahoo.com



Mother Myriam Maytorena
Manifestress of Reality!

I thought it fitting that the first article of THE NEWSLETTER be the following one which was written by Mother Myriam Maytorena. It strums the right chord for our premier issue as it shows demonstrates where some of our problems are rooted. Cate

The Crabs In The Bucket
by Mother Myriam Maytorena

One time a man was walking long the beach and saw another man fishing in the surf with a bait bucket beside him. As he drew closer, he saw that the bait bucket had no lid and had live crabs inside.

Why don't you cover your bait bucket so the crabs won't escape?", he said.
"I don't understand", the man replied, "If there is one crab in the bucket it would surely crawl out very quickly. However, when there are many crabs in the bucket, if one tries to crawl up the side, the others grab hold of it and pull it back down so that it will share the same fate as the rest of them."

So it is with people.

If one tries to do something different, get better grades, improve him/herself, escape his/her environment, or dream big dreams, other people will try to drag him/her back down to share their fate. No matter how much you are committed to change, others are going to do their best to keep you from making changes.

We all enter relationships and agree to unspoken contracts. One of the most important being is that I will not change in anyway unless I choose to and my mate will not have to change unless he chooses. We do our best to maintain the status quo so that we can live happily ever after. Well, as most of you know, fairy tales are for books and there isn't any "happily every after" without change. But, at one point or another, we undergo some type of change.

Change scares us all. What will the unknown bring? If you change, will you still love me? If you change, will I still love you? Change threatens our certainty of life and love.

Usually when we are involved with others, we come to a relationship with an acceptance of all the dysfunctional behavior of the other person and agree in a non-verbal contract to accept this behavior because the relationship gives us something that we feel that we need - usually love and a pattern of behavior that is predictable if not always pleasant. We may color it with the fantasy of "happily ever after" but what we really mean is tolerate the pain so I can continue behaviors that I am addicted to or need to make me feel comfortable - even if my being comfortable includes pain. We agree to stay in the bucket that is our manifest reality because it is an agreement that we made and when the other person starts to change and manifest a new reality we try to stop them. And, they try to stop us. It is a two way street.

Typically, the behavior continues as both parties have struck a kind of "bargain" in which each gets something they need, and overlook what they are not getting for the sake of convenience.

However when the pain of one's reality manifest becomes too painful or not fulfilling, one may choose to make changes and climb up to a new level of functioning - a new level of self and soul expression. The person that one is with is then faced with a real problem. They must make a choice:

Agree to try to change also and manifest a healthier more functional reality.

Disagree and try to keep the partner from changing.

Disagree and the relationship ends.

Many of us get stuck in the change process in the manifestation of our more perfect reality because we know intuitively that one of the above choices are going to have to be made.

So while it is true that we cannot control another person, we do have impact on another person when we are in a relationship with them. The progress of our healing of our dysfunctional behaviors will have a direct effect on the self and others. Sometimes in order to manifest the reality that we desire we have to come to the conclusion that we are going to change and our significant others can agree to support and accept our change or we will choose to end a relationship.

This choice is not just with marriage partners, but family members, adult children, friends, associates and co-workers. No wonder change is so difficult to achieve. Change can shake up our whole world! Our complete stability structure and support structure can go out the window if we decide to make sweeping changes.

This is the reason that support groups are so important in making changes. When one is going to risk change and the possibility of giving up dysfunctional social systems, we need to put in place a new social structure. This is why good support groups work and it is why some support groups appear to fail. Some of us go into support groups not to change but to have support to maintain our dysfunctional behavior.

The reality check is this: One will continue to maintain dysfunctional behaviors until the pain is so strong that the fear of change is less painful than the fear of staying in a way of life that is not working.

Some thoughts for today:

· Are you trying to make changes and are others resisting your changes?

- Is someone in your world trying to make changes that you are resisting?

· Is the pain of your current situation strong enough that you are willing to risk change?

· If you don't make some decisions to manifest a new reality what will your life be like a year from now? Five years from now? Ten years from now?

· Are you pulling your fellow crab back in the bucket or are the other crabs keeping you from crawling out?

Moral of the story: Ignore the crabs. Charge ahead and do what is right for you. It may not be easy and you may not succeed as much as you like, but you will NEVER share the same fate as those who never try. Crawl up to your new reality.

- Mother Myriam Maytorena


The Use and Power of Candles in Prayer
By Cate Cavanagh

It's always fun to watch a movie or television show where here is a ritual of some sort going on especially if there are candles lit around the room or in a circle or on the floor. In the media candles create a mood of love, horror or suspense depending on the storyline.

In everyday life people use candles to create an ambiance in the home, to scent it with roses, lilies or cinnamon but how many people consider connecting a prayer with every candle they light?

But, it has also been said "It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness." Candles and prayer have gone together since before who knows when and churches and shrines used to feel so peaceful and tranquil years ago when people used to light candles at an altar or in front of a saint or other holy figure. Today, Catholic churches now use electric candles. The first time I went to a Catholic church (after many years) and discovered this I was shocked. Childhood memories of the smell of melting wax watched over by a beatific and comforting Virgin Mary were now dispelled by a switch. Candles have always had beautiful mysticism about them. When real candles were lit in church, currents of peace combined with strength could be felt. I find lighting a candle in my home makes my home feel more tranquil and if you are wondering why, the science of physics explains it all.

I am a Spiritualist and Quantum Metaphysician. My book, QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY, The Science of Change introduces the school I have founded, of the same name, which teaches the techiques of change by impacting reality on a subatomic level. I will take a moment to define what the word "prayer" means to me. It does not mean "I wish this or I wish that". To me, prayer involves asking my Creator(s) to bless my prayer and then fulfilling the tenet of helping myself in the creation of change that will harm no one in its fulfillment.

Here is a truth: simply stated, energy is never destroyed, merely converted Thought has energy as proven by EEG technology and in Einstein's world the past, present and future are not linear. They are all co-existing and, as such, points of focus such as intentions, wishes, good feelings and prayer (which are all mind-created waves of energy) traverse the spiral of time.

The mysticism of lighting a candle can be evidenced by the feeling of peace that ensues. Gaze into that candle while meditating and the environment around you shifts and becomes a surreal haven where external pressures no longer exist. You have just moved out of space. The act of lighting a candle with prayer or mental intention sends mind created energy out into the realm of time as well. Lighting a candle while in prayer is comforting because we know we have planted a seed of hope. During prayer, we can let go of fears and simply trust Creator and the Universe to respond. In that moment we are out of "our time" and in Creator's- which is ever fluid and ever spiraling within the same spatial environment.

Everything and every action emotes energy of some kind. When we light a candle at home rather than thinking of only the decorative or scent value, if we offer a prayer say for peace imagine what the power of this prayer energy, said by millions as they light a simple candle, could accomplish. Taking this a step further let me share my personal prayer ritual. To me lighting a candle is a quantum ritual. When I light my candles, I focus my mind and envision my thought (or energized intention) traveling down my arm, through my hand and into that match. Before I light that match, I make sure my intent 'reaches' the match first. Since I channel energy all the time, my arm and hand shake violently as I feed the energy created in my mind into my hand. When I have controlled this focused energy field then I light the match and then the candle itself. Because fire is such a dynamic and powerful medium of energy I believe using a match is a most effective way to orchestrate my intention into the quantum field, creating a flux of energy. The act of lighting a candle maintains focus on my prayer (or desired outcome). Lighting the match as described above also links the energy of my mind with the candle. As the candle continues to burn, it will continue to emit the intention I programmed into this candle as ongoing energy. The impetus of heat from the match will empower the candle to emit even more heat energy waves (or quinta as Einstein called it) as it sends my prayer into time and space. Candles have been esteemed by all peoples of all beliefs as tools for prayer and petition. Never was science ever correlated with its effectiveness.

As a matter of facilitating focus, you may it find it interesting to consider that candle rituals can and should involve a little preparation. To mentally prepare for intentional prayer with candles, there are a number of things I do. Since I am a Quantum Metaphysician working with energy all the time, I believe in cleansing candles because there are any number of people who have touched it or handled it. If the energy with which these candles were handled was negative, then sorrow, despair, hopeless and rage can be send out when I light a candle and counter my work or prayer. Because of this, I purge negativity from candles so that prayer will not be tainted by this negativity. Rub salt around the candle and sprinkle some on top around the wick. After all, this was the only substance Jesus used to exorcise demons. You can use cold water by wetting your hands and rubbing the candle with the water. Buddhists monks use freezing water to strength the mind as it trains to generate heat despite freezing weather. You can smudge the candle (lighting incense and letting the smoke clean the candle) with sage as Native Shaman's do or burn rosemary as Wiccans do. What you may notice here is the universality of the belief that there is negativity and negative energy around us as well as long recognized ways to get rid of it.

Many people find the colors of candles facilitate focus as well. In some traditions colors identify with petitions or requests in the following manner: blue for mental serenity and healing, green for help with money, and red for strength. Keep in mind however that these colors vary depending on the belief system followed. In the quantum and spiritual realms, the lack of a specific color candle does not restrict prayer. In these realms, anything can be changed by the power of the mind. So, the mind can change a white candle into blue, green or red. This is why I keep many more white candles than colored ones especially since sometimes color candles are not as available.

If you need to pray, do so. A prayer is never wasted but perhaps next time, you might add more power to your prayer by putting science to work with it. Then just wait to catch up on the time line!

Visit me at: catecavanagh.net

Don't forget- there are free books for you to have! Write: quantumspirituality@yahoo.com


The Pet Pal!
Introducing Loré Splitt!

We have a new section! I am introducing pet specialist Loré Splitt to the team of writers for THE NEWSLETTER. With twenty-two years of experience in the animal and pet industry, she will answer questions you may on on your pets.

What is fantastic about Loré is that she also specialized in exotics: birds, snakes, spiders, reptiles in addition to mice/rats, horses, dogs and cats. In fact, I doubt there is an animal you might have that she does not know about!

This is a great treat! Most of us "seekers" are also animal lovers so THE NEWSLETTER has this unique feature that other newsletters do not.

Send your questions attention Loré (as the subject) to:


I am the Oz and the Powerful

(Excerpted from "How to Become Queen of Your Destiny")

by Dorothy Thompson

Wizard of Oz. One of my all-time favorite classics. And a perfect example of what it's like to be treated as a queen. Or, in this case, a king?

What exactly did the wise and powerful Wizard have over the people of the wonderful Land of Oz that convinced them that he was great and almighty without ever showing his face?

The power of persuasion.

Although the Wizard of Oz wasn't dumb, he knew he wasn't as wise and powerful as he had led the people to believe; but yet, everyone in Munchkin Land bowed to him.

Ponder this for a minute: When you are walking down the street and you see someone who stands out from the crowd, what is it about that person that attracts everyone she meets? Is it her clothes, her physical attributes or is it her power within and her inner beauty that just booms with energy?

I have a friend named Rita that I absolutely adore. Whenever she steps into the room, it is as if it a million fireworks were shooting off. While not particularly attractive,slightly overweight, mousey-brown hair that hung limp in her face and a nose that would put Barbara Streisand to shame,you still find yourself magnetized to her. Bubbly, self-confident and having an "I don't give a beep" attitude is what Rita is all about. Rita has girlfriends galore as well as men falling at her feet.

I'd often asked myself what it about that Rita that made her such a people magnet? The answer to this is that Rita is the queen of her own destiny and demands the respect that she receives.

I have another friend I'll call Andréa. Whenever you see Andréa coming, you know she is going to fill you full of one bad experience of her life after another. No one loved her. Her life was the pits. There were no soul mates out there for her. All these were her own perceptions of her life.

You actually found yourself dreading her visits because it was the same sob story after another. Nothing positive or uplifting came from her mouth; only tales of doom and dread. Certainly nothing you'd want to be around for very long because you felt that it drained you of what positive energy you did have.

Rita was the queen bee of the pity parties. However, Andrea was one queen bee that needed to get her priorities straight.

I decided to have a sit down talk over Margaritas with her one night. No sooner had she walked in the door when she immediately started to tell me about how life was treating her wrong. "Why is it I can't find my soul mate?" were her final words until she broke down in tears.

I figured that time was wasting, so I sprang it on her.

"Andréa, do you remember your last relationship?"

"It's been ages," she moaned, dabbing at her make-up that had formed long black streaks down her face, "But I did go out with a guy named Mark. You remember him, don't you? Good-looking guy. Great job. A black Mustang to die for. Any woman would be lucky to just go out on a date with him. I don't even know why he wanted to go out with me."

"So, what happened?"

"He had the nerve to ditch me after the first date. I left messages on his cell, even drove by his house every day, hoping he'd be out there and wave me down. I was going nuts. I don't know what I could have said to him to make him do an about face all of a sudden. But, this is the story of my life and I don't know why I think I can change anything."

That was the problem with Andréa. She didn't even have a clue as to what being a queen was all about.
"Andréa, how did you meet him in the first place?"
"I had just been dumped by Larry. You remember him, don't you? Beat me and the kids all the time. But, I loved him. I really did. Anyway, after he kicked me across the yard for asking him if I could use his car to go into town to get some milk, he had the audacity to tell me I was a worthless piece of sh*t. Hell, I already knew that. I mean, who else would put up with his crap for ten years?
After Larry left, I couldn't sit home and I decided I'd drown my tears in a chocolate latte over at Callaghan's Café. I was sitting there in tears and the man beside me offered his napkin. I thanked him and he asked me if I was all right. I told him about what had happened and he told me he was sorry and that men can be jerks sometime. He was really nice and acted as if he was genuinely concerned. I went home and just knew that he was the soul mate that was meant to come into my life."

One of Andréa's problems was that she always felt that anyone who was nice to her no matter how insignificant, was her soul mate. A definite sign of having low self-esteem. This was going to take a lot of work to convince her that what she needed was a good dose of queen pills.

"For two weeks straight," she continued, "I went to the same café, hoping to run into him again. As luck would have it, on the thirteenth day, he walked in. He saw me, sat down beside me and asked how life was treating me. I told him how rough I was having it, hoping he'd feel sorry for me and at least ask me out for a date to make me feel better. Finally, after throwing out a million hints, he offered to take me out that Friday night. We went out to dinner and talked about everything. I talked about my problems and he talked about his new job as an engineer. Things were going great. Or, that's at least what I was led to believe."

"And what happened after that?" I asked.

"After our date, he gave me a peck on the cheek and when I asked him if he wanted to come inside my apartment for a nightcap, he said he'd have to take a rain check on that because he had to be up early in the morning for a meeting. And, I never heard from him after that, nor did I ever see him at the cafe. I don't know what happened. We were getting along super. Why does this happen over and over to me and why can't I find someone who is meant to be my soul mate or at least someone who lasts longer than one date?"

Andréa didn't know where to turn, but I knew the answer and I proceeded to tell her straight up.
"Andréa, honey, I've got to level with you. You are never going to find anyone to share your life with as long as you carry that baggage around with you. No one wants to be around someone who feels like life is negative. They want someone who is full of life, full of high expectations and, above all, full of self-love. If you ever want to find someone to love you, you must learn to get rid of the sad act and love yourself. Become that person someone would WANT to love."

Andréa is like millions of other women out there who have never figured out how to be the queen of her destiny. Instead of overcoming her obstacles and improving her life, she wallowed in her self-pity, sending prospective soul mates on the road to other pastures.

Think about it for a minute.

Would you want to be around someone who was constantly sending out negative vibes? Would you want someone who was always on the defensive when it came to what they wanted out of relationships? Of course not.

I began a five-step program with Andréa in which I showed her what she must do to become queen of her destiny and I'm happy to say that she has taken great strides to get rid of the baggage and the pity party act and is working diligently on become a person someone would not only not mind being around, but a person someone would want to love.

© Dorothy Thompson

Dorothy Thompson is an author, relationship coach and soul mate expert. She is also a popular radio talk show celebrity. Go to thesoulmatequeen.com for more on Dorothy and her work. You can aslo sign up for her e-class ,"The Soul Mate Triangle,Unlocking the Mysteries of the Soul Mate Relationship" and let Dorothy show you who your soul mates are. Guaranteed or your money back. Dorothy's new book, HOW TO BECOME QUEEN OF YOUR DESTINY will be available this coming July (2006).



Author, Gourmet Cook and Television Host
Kim Robinson

Following food for thought, we have food for the soul with Kim Robinson!

My grandmother always said that the best gift you can give a person is a good nourishing plate of food. This is tried and true, I watched her give people full plates of food who only ordered a biscuit and a cup of coffee because it was all they could afford. They would say, "Mother I didn"t order this," and she would say "Well you might as well go on and eat it, I can't put it back in the kitchen. I do believe that that plate was the catalyst that changed a lot of peoples lives.

She always said to cook in a good mood because it is passed on with every bite.

She used to make four big army pots of Gumbo every other day because people came from all over for it. They say it has healing in it.


3 lbs. snow crab, cleaned and washed
15 chicken wings, washed and cleaned
1 lb. chicken gizzards, chopped fine
4 lbs. diced smoked sausage (Hillshire Farms).

Fry lightly to remove some fat

3 lbs large shrimp, peeled and deveined
4 packs dried shrimp
2 lbs. baby shrimp
4 stalks of cleaned and diced celery
3 diced onions
3 packs of onion soup mix
2 cans of okra; preferably "Trappeys" brand. Drain off liquid and fry in ¼ cup of oil. This removes the slime
Gumbo file (ground sassafras leaves)
Lawry's seasoning salt
Black pepper
Celery salt

Prepared rice


1 cup of vegetable oil
1 cup of flour
If you prefer a thicker soup, add more flour. Heat the oil over medium heat. Sprinkle flour over grease while constantly stirring, so as not to scorch, based on your preference. I prefer a nut brown or caramel color. Some people like a darker roux. You can always taste as you go along. Set aside.


Use a large stockpot. Fill half way with water and set on high to boil. You can divide ingredients into 2 or 3 smaller pots. I prefer this method, because it takes awhile to get the water to boil. It will also decrease the chance of your Gumbo sticking to the bottom. There is nothing worse than a burnt pot of Gumbo. "Chile just thinking about it makes me want to cry." Gumbo is something that every time it's made it just gets better as you add or take away ingredients to tailor to your taste, much like a fine suit of clothes. Other variations have bell pepper, tomato puree, oysters, crawfish, rabbit, turkey or chicken, parsley, green onion and garlic. I could fill my books up with various ways to prepare this dish. Do not be afraid to experiment.

Add gizzards, onion, celery, onion soup mix, dried shrimp and sausage. When it reaches a rapid boil, reduce flame to low and cook for an additional 20 minutes. Add Roux and stir. Add chicken, crab legs, okra, black pepper, seasoning and celery salt. Be very careful with celery salt, it can overpower the other flavors. Add 1 teaspoon to entire pot. You can always go back and add more. Boil for 35 to 40 minutes. Add shrimp and boil 5 minutes more. Remove from heat add 1 teaspoon of gumbo file to each pot.

Serve in a bowl over rice.

Sprinkle file to taste. Do not be afraid to get your fingers dirty. Also, do not forget to suck the gravy out of the crab legs before you open them up.

Kim Robinson, © 2004, all rights reserved.

To learn more of Kim's books please visit: www.kim-robinson.com kim@kim-robinson.com


Are You Willing To Change Your Address?

High Priestess, Author and Tarot Diviner
Theresa Chaze

By Theresa Chaze

Where do you live? Not physically but emotionally. Are you in the present or are you stuck in the past? Has a preceding event, for what ever reason, stopped you from moving forward to new lessons and new experiences? Are your perceptions clouded by the emotional storms you experienced or are you able to see the sunshine of today? Are you able to see the mistakes of the past and learn from them? Or do you follow the same old path and expect it to lead elsewhere?

A few years ago, there was a TV series called Deep Space Nine. It was a Star Trek spin off about a space station on the outskirts of a wormhole near a planet called Bajor. The Bajorans believed the wormhole was where the Celestial Temple of the Prophets was located; the Prophets were their spiritual leaders or Divine figures. When Captain Benjamin Sisko was assigned to command the station, many on Bajor believed he was the Emissary that the Prophets had been foretelling. Sisko didn't want to believe the prophecy until he found himself trapped in the center of the wormhole, being questioned by the Prophets. They asking him where he lived. Sisko didn't know how to answer and the Prophets kept taking him back to the death of his wife.

Although he couldn't have prevented it nor was he responsible for it, he felt liable for her death. They kept taking him back the same scene over and over; no matter what Sisko did he could not save her. At the end of each sequence, they again asked him where he lived. The point being that when his wife died, he also cease to exist in many ways. He still lived and did his duty, but he never moved past that event in his life. Because he couldn't move beyond the guilt and the grief, he couldn't accept the reality of his life in the now. Eventually he learned the lesson they were trying to teach him was that he was able to move forward in his life.

The events or challenges don't have to be major in order to have an impact. Sometimes a simple thing can cause a sticky point in your life. A ill spoken word or action, which causes person to feel foolish or impotent, is enough to create a stop point in a their life. Stop points are best described as the events or situations that immediately come to mind during stressful times. It's the knee jerk response you have when you don't have time to think through your reaction. Like a tab point on a typewriter, the response becomes instinctive to the point of loosing awareness of the behavior. It is Sisko continually trying to save his wife even though it was no longer a possibility. His every action from that moment on was in direct response to that event until the Prophets forced him to be aware of his behavior.

Many of us live life on that level. Instead of examining and trying to understand a situation so we can it can be released, we ignore the lesson and continue to create the same circumstances.

Until we see where we live, we can not change our address. In addition, the longer we live there, the more difficult it will be to move. The more ingrained the behavior, the less likely a person will be open to change without an intervening force. For Sisco, it was the Prophets. That's great if you can get Divine intervention. But for the rest of us, it takes being self aware enough to look at the patterns in our lives.

What situations do we continually find ourselves in and how do we react? Do we always respond the same or is it based on the immediate challenge? Until we change our methods of living, we can not expect a different out come. There is a saying--"Although we can't go back and make a brand new start, we can start from now and make a brand new end." What we experience in the past, we can not change, however we can change how it influences our future. The difference will be when we learn from the past instead of trying to live there.

Visit Theresa's site at www.theresachaze.com To learn more of her writings and for her FREE free ebook, "Sisters, Mothers, Daughters". Also visit www.mysticwitch.com for to read more of how she sees the world.


The Science of Change

Seminar Series is here!

Tenet number one: You've got to KNOW, not just believe!

Tenet number two: Forgive yourself! Your God/dess already has!

There have been many requests for information on my seminars so, here it is!

The beauty of these seminars is you work at your own pace. This means when you pay for seminar number one (for example), you can take all the time you need before moving on! If you are ready in a month, fine. If you are ready in three or more, fine too! This is not a race, nor is this a competition. These seminars are for you to gain what only YOU need.

Congratulate yourself for choosing to be your own champion. This takes a tremendous leap of faith, not in me, but in yourself. It also takes tremendous courageous to go "down the rabbit hole" and discover how you have been manipulated and brainwashed into living an existence you do not want.

The first seminar, as will the others to follow, is divided into four or five sections or classes. The first lesson is simply called "Know Thyself"-Aristotle. As William Shakespeare clarified in Hamlet, "Know this, to thine own self be true and as the night follows the day thou canst not be false to any man."

But, how false are we to ourselves, I challenge you to consider. How well do we know ourselves? REALLY? How can we know ourselves when who we "are" is the outcome of layer after layer of how others saw us, taught us to see ourselves and taught the fear we live with?

Like an onion skin, we must peel away all the definitions and fears that came from sources outside of ourselves. Simply, for whatever the reason, we never had a chance to discover who we really are; what our power can truly be and that we can be contented with who we are.

If we are not contented with who we are, we cannot begin to feel the worthiness that is necessary to grab the science within change because as you move forward in your studies, your own mindset will transform results- and possibly not as effectively. Although spirituality is very important in my opinion, it does not matter what you believe in. Belief helps us set personal parameters with regard to personal values and this is very important as we work toward impacting on the quantum field. QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY is a discipline and the mind and all it contains needs reshaping and focus. But, always remember the root of the change I am offering you is not one of blind faith. It is based in science. So when "faith" fails you, you will still be able to count on the science until your faith gets a boost.

Before beginning the seminars you must ask yourself this all important question: Do I suffer from a mental illness of any kind? Am I clinically depressed? Am I bi-polar? What mental illness do I have or might I have?

This is extremely important because QUANTUM PHYSICS, The Science of Change will demand you look into yourself, your past, your relationships and, while helping you see where you were victim, in order to move forward you must see a point a in time in which you choose to not be accountable for changing. This can be an arkward, even painful process.

Suffering an untreated mental illness, or not continuing with treatment as you begin The Science of Change WILL hold you back. The Goal of QUANTUM SPIRITUALITY is to help you move forward toward change with knowledge. Sometimes, this knowledge is very painful. Because we must study the source of our pian, we will also learn the skills toward self forgiveness before we can begin to harness our power.

If you noticed, I said self forgiveness. We all have something or some things we feel terrible about. We do not deserve to feel this way about ourselves. What we deserve is self forgiveness because our God or Goddess has already forgiven us! Who are we to not offer unto ourselves the grace our God/dess has already given?

Here are just some of the topics the seminars will cover:

Are you Spiritually Disabled? Do You Believe In Miracles?
Miracle Walkers,Hope & Faith,Anger, Anger as a Tool, Giving In Spirit Giving In Spirit,Internal House Keeping, Living The Moment ,Self Pity, Grief Part One- The Process Grief Part Two- Healing from Grief, Grieving Pets, Are You A Warrior? The Elements Of Change, Spiritual Obstacles to Change,Fear As A Tool, The Passive Mind, The Active Mind, The Dynamic Mind , The Quantum Mind "Cognito Ergo Sum" (I think therefore I am), Breathing & Meditation For The Quantum Mind,Basic & Quantum Physics In A Nutshell, Relativity & Reality,Quantum Spirituality & Healing, Quantum Spirituality & Everyday Life.

The first seminar will focus on knowing yourself. Please note: The classes within each seminar will offer extensive material for you to consider and use as your work progresses.

Each seminar will have lessons or classes and, as you work through these classes, hold onto your responses. They are pivotal for future reference.

Here is a sample what seminars might "look" like:

Seminar #1-Who Am I?

Part I: Define( a pensive self definition).

Part II:The self inventory- Things you like and don't like about yourself and what have you done to deserve the "blame" or "applause".

Part III:Who reinforced these feelings (the good and the bad)?

Part IV: List everything you are angry about. (You ARE ANGRY!)

Part V: Who or what stole your thunder?

These are the points were I began. On the surface, they appear simple. If you are really going to work, they are not. As you continue working, you will find there are layers to all of your answers.....and pain.

As you progress with subsequent seminars you will be asked to revisit these same questions and you will see change!

I have great compassion and understanding of how obstacles impact on ourselves however, this discipline is demanding and you will be asked to rid yourself of all the emotions that keep you a prisoner to yourself. Registrants are students, or participants. Registrants are champions!

Before the Science, I evolved. Before I evolved, I chose to KNOW WHAT WAS POSSIBLE, not just believe. Most of us are really looking for our purpose but we have to find ourselves first. When we choose to KNOW and eliminate doubt all the things we hoped we were will be discovered to be true!

Click below and you will go to the page where pricing information is available. There is a Champion plan for everyone!

Your sister in truth,




Half-Moon Sagas by humorist Ron Berry I grew up in the country, on a farm. We had all the conveniences, running water, electricity, bathroom, etc. all the conveniences that is, of a home circa 1912! The running water in the kitchen and, electricity was actually circa the early 50', and the bathroom was five feet from a cornfield. Have to give my dad credit; he was smart enough to make sure the cows were in the field on the other side of the house. Ok, so the home place wasn't ultra modern, but it was functional. It had a roof, and walls. Why, we even had an aisle, so to speak, to the necessary room. Course, no one called it that. Most folks just called it a path. But it was a path well followed. Heck, we had it bettern' most city folk. If the "room" was busy, we had five acres of field just a few feet away. We didn't always plant corn, and the years we planted beans or let grow for hay, was a little trickier for this. When it was decent weather, why this little trip down the aisle could be right educational. Dad sold seed corn, so unlike most folk we didn't have seed catalogs to deal with. Actually, we were a little on the strange side, cause we didn't even have the catalogs at all. We got lots of learning with Reader's Digest and Woman's Day. On days of high humidity or high heat, "there was" two ways to stay cool. We could take some of the reading material and get our daily exercise, or we could leave the door open. This last choice was not really the most desirable though. It gets downright embarrassing to have the chickens walk by, point their wings at you and laugh. Come the cooler months, like winter, and it was quite different! These little trips were quicker fer one thing. It is the country way of learning not to put your tongue on anything metal. Now problem ame up too. For example you'd spend the whole day downing pots of coffee to stay warm. Along about nine o'clock it would catch up with ya, and you'd have no choice. Throwing caution to the wind, you grabbed a coat and dashed out the door. "Darn, knew I forgot something at the store- the icemelt!" always ran through your head as you skated down the aisle and grabbed for, but missed, the door handle. Now ice doesn's stick to corn stalks all that well, so there is a natural braking system here. The other type of outdoor emergency was a little different. For one thing, you'd have to be sure your aim was good and prior to the actual trip, you'd open the door and shout, "Look out cows, look out ducks, it is twenty below and this trip sucks!" Ron is a quirky humorist and Toastmaster. http://www.freewebs.com/unwriter/